About Me

Mike Ncube

My 12+ years in digital marketing has seen me implement and manage countless digital marketing strategies for a wide range of clients in Retail, Travel, Financial services, ecommerce and many other industries and sectors.


My first business was an online software business back in 2002 were I was first introduced to Google Adwords – when the all important quality score was non- existent.

since then, I’ve made a full transition to digital marketing and having studied with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and become Google Adwords certified and Microsoft Bing Certified. I’ve gone on to  launch Peridigital – a leading digital agency I Co-founded with a friend.

I’ve held many other positions including freelance digital marketing consultant and I’ve been Awarded the Top award on PPH – for being one of the UKs leading freelance digital marketers. I’ve also been awarded the Platinum Author Expert award on EzineArticles.

View my full professional profile here http://mikencube.brandyourself.com 

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Digital Marketer * Author * Entrepreneur