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B2B Digital Marketing

10 B2B Digital Marketing Tips for Your Business

If you are in the B2B sector and want to create a great online presence and enhance your business relationships with clients, there are many tools and channels to help you achieve this. In fact, the web has become a great acquisition and retention channel for many B2B businesses for accountants, marketers, management consultants, office equipment suppliers and many others.

B2B Digital Marketing
So, a digital marketing strategy is what your business needs because it will help you plan your online activities, monitor your competitors, engage with clients and achieve your marketing objectives.
To get you started, here are some tips that can help you implement your strategies for online marketing success:

1. Create great website content

Great content that is targeted at your potential customers and explains your products, services or processes is what brings qualified visitors to your site and converts them into clients.

With the high amount of competition in the online B2B sphere it’s important that you create good quality content that differentiates you from competitors. People are inundated with promises on the web, and your content has to rise above the rest to help you create a competitive advantage.

2. Join the discussion

Be active on social sites like LinkedIn and connect with individuals and businesses in your sector and join groups too. You should be active in these groups and like, share and join conversations with other members.

This will lead to an increase in the number of people who view your profile and then connect with you, and will help to bring B2B leads for your business.

3. Run some ads

There is no better and faster way to bring more leads to your business than to run some Pay Per Click ads that will bring high volume, qualified visitors to your website. As a certified Google Adwords Expert I’ve managed hundreds of B2B PPC accounts and seen clients go from no online business leads in one day, to hundreds of leads in just a few days.

That’s the power of PPC advertising and it should be part of your online strategy. To get started, create an account at

4. Get some free traffic

Search engine optimisation is a tactic no business can do without nowadays. The huge volumes of traffic, the qualified visitors, the credibility and the brand awareness potential make it a must that you have an SEO strategy to get free search engine traffic.

Competition for page 1 ranking is stiff for the B2B sector, and even industries with a few players find it a challenge to reach and maintain high rankings. So it’s important that you create a great SEO strategy into your website and optimise your offline tactics to get you to the top.

5. Monitor competitor strategies

You should be aware of your competitors’ strategies – where they are advertising, what volumes of traffic they receive and how they fare on such metrics as bounce rates, organic searches, pagerank, alexa rank and others.

You can monitor this with tools such as Alexa Rank and you can input this into your objectives and also benchmark against your competitors.

6. Blog regularly

Blogging has many benefits especially when done regularly and some of them include:
• Leads to high traffic volumes from search engines
• Showcases your businesses expertise and leads to client confidence
• People return more to your site to read your content and they share it with others
• Visitors stay longer on your website

7. Launch retargeting campaigns

If you’ve had website visitors who’ve browsed and shown some interest in your products or services, but did not contact you and you are wondering how you can get them back to your site, then remarketing is the answer.

In your adwords and analytics accounts you can setup remarketing audiences that you can target with banners and get them to return to your site. For example, you can create an audience of people who’ve visited a specific download page, but did not download your whitepapers or reports, and then retarget them with banner ads as they visit other sites which are part of the Google Display Network.

8. Engage on Twitter and LinkedIn

Like many businesses and individuals, you likely have a twitter account that you use to post news, updates, blog posts and other content that is relevant to your target audience.

Use your account to build your followers and resist the urge to sell to them constantly; but instead build relationships that will help you in the long run.

9. Create an email marketing strategy

If you are not capturing emails on your website, then you are losing out on a big opportunity to increase sales or leads for your business. There are many free plugins on platforms like WordPress such as Mailmunch that will help you to capture emails and then market to them your products or services. The return on investment for email marketing is unmatched by most other forms of online marketing tactics especially for B2B businesses.

10. Measure your progress

Part of your online campaign measurement and management should include using tools like Google Analytics that provide you with reports, metrics and dimensions that are important to your business.

Some important metrics as a B2B business include goal conversions for your whitepapers, contacts, quote requests and bounce rates which reveal how engaged your visitors are

With these metrics, you can create your objectives that set out what you what to achieve and then have Key Performance Indicators that benchmark your progress towards achieving your objectives.


Are you looking for some more ideas to help you manage your online campaigns effectively? I’m here to help and you can contact me to discuss your goals and find out how I can help you plan your online marketing strategy and implement your plans. I hope these B2B digital marketing tips have been helpful and have got you thinking about getting started.
Also, download the free digital marketing strategy template and start planning your marketing tactics.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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