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10 Questions I’m Frequently Asked By Google Ads Clients

I get a lot of questions from prospects and clients about my Google Ads services. And most of these come through on my website or when I get calls or during Zoom and Teams meetings.

However, there are questions that come up regularly and in almost all conversations I have with potential clients. So, I’ve come up with a list of top questions that I get and hopefully this should answer questions you have about my services.

Here are the 8 questions I frequently get about my Google Ads services:


1. What do you charge?


This is one of the most common questions that I get from potential clients. Almost everyone that contacts me wants to know what I charge for my services or what my  fees are.

My charges obviously vary depending on the campaign type, business, budgets, industry and so on. However, I charge £120 per hour for all the services I provide including campaign setup, campaign management, account audit, training and consulting and so on.

So, to setup a campaign my charges start from £300 and it will take about two to three hours to complete the setup. Most businesses that contact me usually want to setup one campaign. But if you want two or more campaigns I’d be happy to review it and then send you a quote, with a discount.

Also, most campaigns I setup are Search campaigns and that will be £300 to setup as mentioned above, but it’s sometimes higher for Shopping campaigns which usually take longer and also include setting up data feeds in Merchant Centre. So, contact me for a quote for that.

My management charges start from £360 per month and that’s what I charge for businesses that have advertising budgets less than £1500 per month. Please contact me for higher budgets and I’ll send you a quote.

Please note all the charges above include VAT for UK based businesses.


2. My account has been suspended can you help?

I’ve been contacted by hundreds of businesses mostly in the past 24 months, seeking help with their account suspensions. This has escalated recently especially for businesses in the health and financial industries. However, the suspensions have affected businesses from a wide range of industries.

The main suspension reasons I’ve been approached about relate to circumventing system policies and payment profile violations.

So, I’ve helped some of these businesses to get their businesses back on Google. With my experience and contacts in Google I’ve helped many businesses but not all of course, mainly because they were not willing to follow the advice and suggestions I’d given.

However, if you’d like to learn more, please contact me to find out how I can help.


3. Can you help with Google Ads management?

This is one of the common questions that I get from potential clients. Most campaigns I manage are Search campaigns of course and I also manage other
campaigns like Display, Shopping, Video, Remarketing and others. And my management charges start from £360 per month.

This is what is included in the management service, mainly for Search ads:


Monthly management includes:


– Campaign & Ad Group Optimisation – this includes the structure and budget and locations and bid strategies and we have to make sure these settings are the best to reach the targets


– Ongoing Keyword Research – we will do some initial keyword research to setup the ads effectively and this will be done regularly


– Negative keyword research – we will use the search terms report to identify irrelevant searches and block them


– Ad Testing – we will test ads and landing pages and go with the best performing ones


– Landing Page Review – as part of the work I will carry out a review of the pages and use Google Analytics to advise you on engagement and performance and what changes to make


– Quality Score Improvement – quality scores are important and we will work on these regularly to try to get them to 10/10 for the keywords


– Conversion Rate Improvement – conversion rates are tied to the leads and enquiries and only search queries that are performing will be kept


– Reducing CPC Rate – CPC rates affect how much you spend and I will update you as often as is practical on what budgets to assign


– Google Analytics Reporting & Optimisation


– I’ll send you a monthly report and we can discuss the metrics


4. Can you setup a campaign for my business?

Google Ads campaign setup is a key part of my work. And I can setup all campaign types in Google Ads including Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing and others. However, most campaigns I setup are Search campaigns and these help you to target people who are searching for your products or services on Google.

I’m also able to setup a new account for you and you’ll get a free £400 voucher that will be used towards your advertising costs.

This is what the campaign setup service includes:

The search campaign setup will include:
– Setup a search campaign
– Up to 15 Ad Groups in the campaign
– New Text Ads
– Up to 2 Ads per Ad Group
– Keyword Research
– Negative Keyword Research
– Ad Extensions Added – Sitelinks, Callout, Call etc
– You will Get Up To £400 Free Google Ads Voucher (for new accounts)

For me to setup a new campaign for you, I’ll need you to fill out the following brief I’ll then get back to you with a proposal and a quote.


5. Do you have experience in my industry?

Some advertisers contact me and ask if I have experience in their industry. I’ve worked with a wide range of industries over the years in B2B and B2C sectors and also non-profits and charities, so it’s very possible that I’ve worked with businesses in your industry too.

Check out my Case Studies page to see some of the industries I’ve worked with in the past.

However, there are some industries I don’t work with like anything gambling-related, alcohol, adult entertainment and sex industries.


6. Can you help me setup conversion tracking?

Yes I help to setup conversion tracking and we can discuss the various options including setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads, goal tracking in Google Analytics and event tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM).


7. Can you carry out a review or audit of my account?

I offer a Google Ads review service and audit service and these two are slightly different. I don’t charge to carry out a review because it’s for me to send you a proposal and quote based on my findings.

An audit on the other hand I charge for, and that is at £120 per hour. Usually I’ll need one or two hours to carry out an audit and with that I’ll send you a report with recommendations, to help you implement them.

Sometimes as part of the audit I’ll also record a video to show you where the problems are if it will help to make it easier for you.


8. Can you help me with training and what do you charge?

I offer a number of training options including one-to-one and group training and my training includes setting up and managing campaigns for Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing and other campaign types.

I charge £120 per hour for training and many advertisers contact me for two to three hours of training. And I also offer all day training for 8 hours at the Google Ads Academy for £550.


9. Can we arrange a call to discuss your services?

Yes I’m happy to setup a call to discuss your requirements. Contact me to discuss your requirements and we can book time for a call.


10. Will I need to sign a contract?

Absolutely not. I don’t like contracts and I don’t like tying people into anything. If something is not working I have no problem with stopping or pausing it for a time. However, for new clients I do always recommend a three month agreement to setup, optimise and manage the campaigns. But I also sometimes give options for one-off work.



These are the most common questions that I get from people that visit my website and reach out to me. Visit my Process page to learn how I work and what you can expect when you contact me. I answer these questions and many others too.


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