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Long Tail Keywords

10 SEO Marketing Plan Tips For Higher Google Rankings

Are you tired of optimising your website and using search engine optimisation tactics that are bringing you poor results on Google? If you are then it’s likely you do not have an effective SEO marketing plan to help guide your efforts and boost your search rankings.

Here are 10 important SEO marketing plan tips that will get you started on the road to Google ranking success:

1. Target long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are 3 or more keyword phrases that drive quality traffic to your site. They are not as competitive as ‘head’ keywords which have high traffic volumes individually, but have many competitors too. Another benefit of long tail keywords is that collectively they represent about 80% of search volume on Google – so there is huge potential here.

Long Tail Keywords

2. Use ranking software

You can use SEO software like to check your keyword rankings on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo – for your country and other countries. SERanking is affordable and has a nice interface that allows you to create PDF reports that you can share with your team or with clients.

Website Ranking Software

3. Move to WordPress

WordPress is by far the leading content management system with a huge list of features that includes plugins, themes and widgets that other platforms cannot match. It is free and many hosting providers now provide the one-click install that you can use to get your site up in minutes.

4. Use Yoast SEO Plugin

This is one plugin that should be part of your SEO marketing plan because of its ability to optimise your website features like title tags, content, images, indexing and so on, for higher rankings. It is used by thousands of WordPress sites and is one of the most popular plugins.

SEO Yoast

5. Optimise landing pages

Use the keyword planner tool in Google Adwords if you have an account there, to assess how optimised your pages are for your keywords. So enter your URL in the search box and then click search and it will bring up a list of keywords that it believes are related to your pages.

This helps you see how optimised your pages are and you can use it to research keywords that you want to rank for.

6. Research your competitors

Find out how your direct competitors are ranking for keywords that are important for your business. Using tools like SERanking, you can compare your rankings to theirs side-by-side and you can use tools like Alexa to check how many backlinks they have and from which sites. Then find out how you can get links from those same sites and similar ones in your category

Alexa Ranking

7. Create engaging blog posts

Use the power of blogging to create interesting, useful and targeted blog posts for your audience. This will increase visitor retention and will lower your bounce rate and improve your Google rankings. This is an important part of any SEO marketing plan and although it takes time to build great content, the benefits are amazing.

8. Use Google+ for your business

Google+ is Google’s social networking platform and has many benefits for your SEO marketing plan including:
• More exposure on search results
• Connecting with customers and followers
• Collecting reviews for your services
• Boosts local search rankings

9. Setup your Google Search Console account

This tool provides you with a wealth of information about your website and your rankings. You can check any website errors and see if you have suffered a manual penalty. You can also submit your sitemap to get all your pages indexed on Google.

Google Search Console

10. Link building

Links are one of the biggest factors to your rankings on Google. Your SEO marketing plan should include details of how you will acquire backlinks, how many you need compared to your competitors and how quickly you need them. There are many ways to acquire quality links including guest posting, directories and featured listing particularly, internal linking, links from industry sources, article submissions, social media links and many others.

Link Building


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