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10 Strategic Marketing Plan Tips For Your Online Business

Have you run out of ideas to promote your business and need an online strategic marketing plan to help you boost sales and improve ROI? Your business could benefit from a plan that describes:
• who you want to target
• who your competitors are
• what your online marketing objectives are:
• how you will position your products or services
• which channels you will use – PPC, SEO, Social, Email, Mobile etc
• what budget you will need

Here are 10 tips to include in your strategic marketing plan:

1. Hire a freelancer

Sign-up to freelancer websites like People Per Hour, Elance and Fiverr to work with – towards achieving your online marketing objectives. Whether it’s to build or redesign your website, launch a search engine optimisation plan or create a new logo brand for your business, you are sure to find a highly experienced freelancer to do this for your business.

People Per Hour

2. Create a social media strategy

Decide how you want your business to benefit from social media and create a social media strategy that includes your target audience, which social networks you want to appear on and how much time and resources you need to put into it. Also include software that will help you to automate many processes, like Hootsuite and Buffer.


3. Run paid ads on Facebook

Facebook with over 1 billion users has a wide reach and whether you are an ecommerce business, a service provider or a tech start-up, you are sure to find an audience to target your products or services at. It’s demographic and geographic targeting tools are precise and you can send people to your website or business page.

Facebook PPC Ads

4. Run a survey on your website

Using a tool like Survey Monkey and their free version, you can survey up to 100 people on any important features about your business or to find out what the needs of your visitors are. Survey Monkey also provides you with free template questions that are based on your industry that you can add to your survey. Uploading to your site is easy, and you can copy and paste the code on any page you like.

Survey Monkey

5. Join industry groups on LinkedIn

To get more profile views, connections and website visitors, join all relevant industry groups and post regularly – your best content. Also, respond to other people’s posts and comments and like their posts if you find them helpful and well written. This will help to build relationships with other experts and you could be invited to speak, network or guest post.

LinkedIn Groups

6. Analyse multi-channels reports in analytics

Multi-channels funnels report is an advanced feature that helps you understand the channels that are contributing to transactions and goal conversions on your website. It’s now the case that people are using multiple channels like cpc, organic, direct, email, social networks and others in combination, as they seek information and make purchases. So, looking at this report and studying it will help you with effective budget allocation and putting into the channels that work best for you.

Multi-channels funnels

7. Retarget on facebook

Run a remarketing campaign on Facebook to retarget people who’ve visited your site in the past. This can be your customers and you can upload a datafeed of your customers and send them regular offers. Or you could target people who visited your website or mobile app but did not complete their transaction.

Remarketing Retargeting

8. Create a blog

Add a blog to your website and start creating quality content that will lead to higher traffic volumes and more visitors returning to read your content. is an effective blogging platform that you can add to your site. Also, blogs on this platform are indexed more frequently by Google.


9. Run Google Adwords campaign

Adwords is the leading pay per click platform and to achieve high online traffic and sales your strategic marketing plan should include this platform. Google has over 65% of search traffic and this is far more than Bing which has less than 15%, so it’s important to run some ads there.

10. Create a Bing Ads account

Bing Ads is the second leading PPC platform with high traffic volumes in its network which also includes Yahoo. If you have any campaigns in Google Adwords, you can easily import them into Bing and make a few changes if you need. So you won’t have to do it all from scratch.

Bing Ads Campaigns Import


Are you looking to create and launch a strategic marketing plan for your business? Contact me to discuss your requirements and for assistance with your online campaigns.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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