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12 Signs You Need A Google Ads (AdWords) Expert

If you’re an AdWords DIYer, now may be the time to hire an AdWords Expert to take your campaigns to the next level.

Whether you setup the AdWords campaigns yourself, or inherited an account and tried to manage it yourself, there comes a time when you need outside help.

This is especially true if profits are falling and it’s getting harder to make it all work.

So, here are 12 signs that you need to hire a Google AdWords Expert:


No time

You’ll need a Google Ads PPC Expert if you have little or no time to manage your campaigns. There’s a lot of work that goes into setting up and running successful AdWords campaigns and this requires ring-fenced time each week. So if you don’t have the time or someone in your team to manage the campaigns, then you should seek outside help. This will help you focus on other areas in your business and increase overall performance.


Need to grow

If you’re looking to grow your account and increase traffic and sales or enquiries, then you’ll need to make some changes to your campaigns. Some of those changes could include increasing AdWords budget, doing keyword research, adding new text ads and so on. So you’ll need an AdWords Expert to help you choose the right strategy and implement it. Making some of the common AdWords mistakes will be costly and could cripple your growth efforts.


Need creativity

Sometimes you’ll run out of ideas to boost your PPC campaigns. So you’ll need a fresh mind to help you come up with creative ideas. A good AdWords Specialist will help you with this and will help you see things you may have missed. There are many competitors on Google AdWords and you want to be always ahead of the pack with the most creative ads.


Lack of AdWords experience

If you’re new to AdWords and lack the skills and experience required to manage your campaigns, then you should hire a Google AdWords Expert. A mistake in AdWords can be costly and the difficult part is that it will take you a long time to know what that mistake is. Only an expert will help you identify errors in your account and help you fix them.


Don’t know how it works

Adwords isn’t as complicated as many people would like to believe. Many people setup successful AdWords campaigns with no prior experience. However, there are some fundamentals you need to know before you can delve into this platform and run ads. You should first know how to setup an account and how to add your billing details. Next you’ll setup the campaign to advertise your business and you can purchase a course on Udemy to understand how it all works. However, you can also hire an expert and not have to worry much about how it all works.


Profitability is low

If profitability has dropped and there are no obvious answers, then you should hire an AdWords Expert. They’ll help you analyse your data and pinpoint areas where your ads are failing. And if it’s a competition problem, they’ll be able to advise on how to differentiate your ads and offers to improve profitability. Running a profitable account is the most important thing in PPC advertising and it’s a factor you should analyse regularly.


Want better Return On Investment (ROI)

Next to profitability, ROI is a metric you should work to improve continuously. This is about how much Return you get for every £1 that you spend. If it’s low or negative then you should improve it ASAP. Working with an expert, you’ll be able to identify areas in your account to improve ROI. Some ads and keywords perform poorly and you should identify them early and either update them or discard them altogether.


Competitors are aggressive

You can see who your competitors are by looking at the Auction Insights report. This shows how much impressions they share with you and how often they outrank you in the search results. With the help of an AdWords manager, you can use features to outperform them. They’ll help you with the choice of bid strategy to use, especially if it’s the Outranking Share Bid Strategy which is an advanced automated strategy to implement.

Target Outranking Share Bidding


Need help with a disapproval

If your ads have been disapproved or your account suspended, you can seek help from an expert. The problem with disapproval’s is that Google don’t give you detailed info on why that is. Google only points you to their policy documents and they do that so you can familiarise yourself with them and also fix other problematic areas in your account. This is not helpful at times and can be frustrating. But a seasoned AdWords professional will be able to quickly identify the problem and rectify it. An account suspension can also be frustrating and with the help of an expert, this can be fixed too.


Lack copywriting skills

Good copywriting skills are important to be able to write effective ads. You only have a limited amount of space to promote your business so every word counts. The 3 headlines and 2 description lines that make up your ad only provide you about 270 character space. So you should highlight only the best benefits and features of your business. An AdWords Specialist will help you with some creative Copy that will lead to high click Through Rates (CTRs) and better conversion rates.


Struggling to come up with keywords

Keyword research is an important part of setting up exceptional AdWords campaigns. The research should be thorough and should include a number of tools to make it the best. A good AdWords professional will use a range of tools and methods including:



Your PPC Expert is not delivering

Finally, if you’re working with a freelance PPC expert and positive results are not forthcoming, then maybe it’s time to move on. You can search for a new expert easily and hire them as quickly as possible. The whole aim of working with an expert is to improve performance and if that is not working, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere and find someone more experienced in your sector and industry.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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