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14 Tips To Find An Exceptional Google Ads Manager

If you’re looking to hire a good Google Ads manager, there are a number of options available to you. You could work with a freelancer, hire an agency or employ one directly.


In this article I’ll be covering the points to look for when searching for an independent freelancer. Many Google Ads managers nowadays are freelancers and a quick search online brings up many results.


However finding an exceptional one is a different thing altogether. It will take a bit of research and following some of these tips to land the best Google Ads manager for your business.


1. Do a search

One of the best ways to find a Google Ads PPC manager is to do a search. The results will bring up many options, both in the paid results and organic results. So there are many options available to you and you can contact the most relevant to your requirements. The most established google ads managers will likely be at the top of the paid results or the organic results and these are the first ones you should contact to request a proposal and quote from.

2. Be precise

It’s important to be clear what you need from a Google Ads manager. Is it help with launching new campaigns or managing them or both. And what return and level of service do you need? Setting these goals at the beginning will help you find the right person.

3. Request a proposal

Don’t just ask for a quote. Ask for a proposal that describes in detail what you get from the Google Ads manager. A proposal will also help you to think through the plans for your campaigns and what you want to achieve. The expert will also help you define these and will tell you what returns to expect and by when. It also helps to have everything down in writing in case there is a misunderstanding later and a dispute arises.

4. Be careful with referrals

To be sure, referrals are a good thing and you should welcome them especially from a trusted source. But you should still do a full review of the Google Ads manager as you would if you found them from an online search. The reality is that someone else’s positive experience is no guarantee that will be the same for you. In fact, they may have had a simpler project or it could be a totally different industry, so you should take all these facts into consideration.

5. Check reviews

The best Google Ads managers will have reviews online and the reviews will be good too. There are many review platforms that agencies and freelancers use to collect reviews and you can do a search or check their website for reviews. There are free ones like Google reviews and Trustpilot and paid platforms like Feefo.

6. Are they certified?

Google offers many training programs that help marketers and advertisers improve their knowledge and skills. Through this training a Google Ads manager can achieve certification that demonstrates their skills. And after certification they can work towards achieving partner status with Google Ads. Not all Google Ads managers have achieved certification status despite the number of years they have been working on campaigns. To achieve this status it requires that one also have taken the courses provided and passed the exams. The exams are advanced and require thorough preparation to achieve a good pass mark. So check that they are certified and even if they haven’t achieved Partner status you can ask them to provide the results of their training and exams.

7. Have they experience in your industry?

Industry experience is important because it helps with keyword research, ad copywriting, understanding the customer requirements and so on. Some Google Ads managers have more skills and experience in particular sectors and industries than others. For example, they may have a lot of experience with the B2C sector and have setup and managed shopping ads to target people looking to buy online with product listing ads.

And they may have less experience with B2B sectors were knowledge of the buying cycle is important and how to use tools like Remarketing to keep potential customers engaged. Even within sectors there are differences in businesses and industries particularly with how people search for products and services. So, check that they have industry knowledge and can help your business find the right customers.

8. Do they specialise?

Google Ads is a big platform with many campaign types and features. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone that is an expert in all the campaign types and features on this platform. So what you should do is find a Google Ads specialist that has specific knowledge of the campaign type that you want to run.

For example, if you want to run shopping ads only, then find a Google Ads expert with knowledge of how search works and how it can help you target people searching on Google. If you want to launch and run video campaigns on YouTube then find a video specialist. And with all these campaign types you can check if they are certified and have passed all the relevant exams.

9. Have a good budget

Budget setting is one of the most important things you will do in your Google Ads advertising. It’s not possible to run a good campaign without a sufficient budget to bring a good number of customers to your business. Your Google Ads budget determines how many visitors you bring to your website and how many go on to purchase and become customers. So a Google Ads manager helps you to set the right budget and advises how much you should spend daily, monthly or yearly.

However it’s always best to start with what you are comfortable with and the amount you can afford. And it’s ok to start with a small budget like £300 per month and then you can scale it upwards as performance improves. Just make sure you review it regularly and as your targeting improves you should adjust it upwards to get more visitors and sales or leads.

10. Don’t base it on price alone

Price is only one of a number of issues to consider when searching for a Google Ads manager. If you focus on price alone, especially paying as little as possible then you’re unlikely to get a truly qualified and experienced Google Ads specialist. It will cost especially in the long run when you scrimp on price and choose to work with an offshore person with little knowledge of the local market. The price should be reasonable of course and should not be far out from other quotes – and if it is then find out why. It may be that they are that good or it could be they have factored in something that you may not have considered.

11. Go with your gut instinct

You will know when you meet the right Google Ads manager. Something will tell you that you’ve found the right person and you should not ignore that small little voice. However you still need to do your due diligence and after doing some research and looking at reviews and the other factors mentioned in this article you can confidently move forward when your gut feel tells you to.

12. Create an NDA

Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement is a good way to protect all parties and your ideas. This should seal the confidentiality of the work to be undertaken and protects your business’s sensitive information. This is a legally binding contract that establishes a confidential relationship between you and the expert that you work with. You can search for an NDA template online and there are a number of websites that provide good templates.

13. Realise you are not the only client

An independent Google Ads manager will also work with many other clients. So they will have other commitments besides your campaigns and you should consider that when looking for someone. That means checking if they have the capacity for your project and that they can commit enough time to setup and manage your campaigns. It also means that you should be considerate of their availabilities and factor that in as you draft an agreement.

14. Write a review

At the end of the project share your experience with others looking to find a google Ads manager. Be as honest as possible and look at mainly the positive side of the relationship that you had. There are review sites like Trustpilot and Google reviews and any that the company may use. And if there are any conflicts, it’s best to try and resolve them first before leaving a review, to give the other party time to address any concerns.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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