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Paid Advertising

15 Undeniable Reasons To Love PPC Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

There are many things in marketing I’m passion about, but PPC Paid advertising is one that I truly love. It’s something I think about and do all day for both myself and my clients accounts.


My love for Paid advertising is one of the reasons I setup this website. My hope is that you’ll benefits greatly from my passion for PPC and that you’ll come away with some great insights.


So, check out the 15 undeniable reasons why I love PPC Paid advertising and why you should too:


Instant Results

One of the benefits of Paid advertising is you get instant results. Traffic is instant and visitors start arriving on your website as soon as your ads are live. Conversions are instant too – at times. However, it’s important to understand that success with PPC advertising doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and in some instances can take months before ads start working effectively. But the fact that you can start getting website visitors ASAP is truly unique with PPC advertising. Other channels like Organic, social media and offline advertising take months and years to see results.


Highly measurable

Unlike other forms of online and offline promotions, PPC Paid advertising is highly measurable. You are able to see how much you’ve made for each £1 you’ve spent. So, calculating ROI is easy. With other channels, it’s often difficult to know how much you’ve spent, let alone how much you’ve received from that. So measuring the campaigns is a challenge which is easily resolved in PPC advertising. And because of this, you can quickly turn off any ads, keywords and campaigns that aren’t working for you. And you can boost any campaigns that are working well for your business.


Good ROI

PPC advertising has a higher ROI than other channels. That’s because it’s measurable and trackable and that means you can easily see what you’re getting for every £1 you spend. You can see which of your ads and keywords have the best ROI. And you can boost them to further increase the ROI by increasing bids and budgets. This level of granularity is impossible with other online channels.


Pay only for results

With PPC Paid advertising you only pay for results. So you’re not charged any upfront costs or a deposit like other types of advertising. You only pay when visitors come to your website. And this is a Cost Per Click (CPC) model. Google AdWords only charges you for the clicks that you receive from people reaching your website. There are other models like Cost Per View for videos and Cost Per Mille or Thousand Impressions on the Display Network. However, CPC is the primary model and is used by over 98% of advertisers.



Easy budget control

Budget Setting in Paid Search advertising is easy. You set how much you want to pay on a daily or monthly basis and don’t have to pay a penny more. And you can easily turn off your budget or change it in seconds, in line with performance. This is impossible with other forms of advertising were you have to pay in advance and the costs are mostly fixed. So there’s very little flexibility. With PPC advertising budgets you’re in full control. In fact you can spend as little or as much as you like.


Targeted to searchers needs

PPC advertising is highly targeted because you’re only targeting people that are looking for your products or services. So there’s little chance of waste and usually only people that see your ads and find them relevant will click through to your website. With other forms of advertising, you’re likely to use a scattergun approach and hope that you’ll hit something. Not so with PPC advertising. Instead you’re only targeting people who are in the market for your products or services.


Apply geo-targeting

With PPC Paid advertising you have full control over the locations you target. You can target postcodes, towns, cities, countries, regions and even radius estimates. This is difficult to achieve with other types of advertising and you can easily add or remove geo locations.


Easily trackable

PPC platforms like Google AdWords work well with analytics software like Google Analytics. Analytics tracks and reports on clicks on the ads and the action that these visitors do when they are on your website. So, tracking code from analytics should be added to your website and that will track clicks, sessions, bounce rates, time on page and many other key metrics.


Low barriers to entry

Anyone can run PPC campaigns. Launching ads is easy and all it requires is that you have a website and a PC connected to the internet. And in minutes your ads can be appearing next to some of the biggest brands in the world like And you don’t need a big budget either. All you need is to pick the keywords you want to appear for and then create ads to bid on those keywords. So a small online retailer can run ads competing against the likes of eBay and Amazon, something difficult to achieve with other channels like print, newspapers and TV.


You’re in control

With PPC advertising you’re in full control. You decide on ads, keywords, ad groups, budgets, who sees your ads, where they appear and when they can be seen. And you can update this at anytime you like for no extra cost. You also get to choose who has responsibility of setting up your PPC campaigns and managing them. So you can work with a Google AdWords Expert or Bing Ads professional and grant them access to your account.


Adwords Works well with Bing Ads

If you’re running Google Ads, you can quickly transfer them to Bing Ads without setting them up from scratch. Bing Ads has the tools to allow you to carry out this transfer and you can be live in minutes. Advertising on Bing Ads can help you increase traffic and sales and pay less per click than Google Ads.


Multiple channels to choose from

PPC advertising has multiple channels that you can choose from. Google AdWords for example has 5 campaign types or channels available to you to advertise on including Search, Display, Video, Apps and Shopping. This covers all the various ways to advertise online and you can do it all in one platform. Your choice of channel will depend on your goals and strategy. It will also depend on your budgets and what you can afford to launch.


Dramatically boosts web traffic

PPC advertising is one of the quickest ways to boost web traffic. You can setup a campaign in under an hour and be advertising your products or services within that time. And as soon as the ads are approved, they will be available on Google when visitors search with the keywords you’ve added in your account. And the best part is that this traffic is highly targeted from people that have interest in your offers.


Higher positioning than Organic

Google has changed the layout of listings on their search engine. In the past, Ads would appear in the right section of the search results but this was changed over a year ago. Now you won’t find any ads there and they only appear at the top, above the Organic results. This means more traffic is being directed to Ads than Organic listings and means more traffic for advertisers. Of course this also means more money for Google, but overall, advertisers benefit from listing at the top especially if they are not in the top Organic results.


Increases brand awareness

Running PPC Ads will help you reach your target market quicker and boost your brand awareness. Searchers are more likely to trust a website that is at the top and will often click through to these top listed advertisers. This boosts your credibility as an advertiser and also leads to an increase in searches for your brand name.






I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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