15 Website Content Ideas To Implement Now

July 30, 2015
By: Mike
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Website content ideas to implement for your business are easy to find and they help attract new customers, retain existing visitors, extend your brand reach and increase your sales. So if you plan on launching a content marketing strategy, it’s crucial that you have the best ideas that will help you achieve your objectives.

Website content ideas
Here are 15 website content ideas that you can implement for your business now:

1. Write for your audience

Your content should be targeted at the people you want to attract to your offers, products or services. So it should address their specific needs and highlight the benefits that they desire the most. Whether it’s an article, page text and images or a downloadable document, you should ensure that it is relevant to your target audience, whether they are customers, visitors, investors, suppliers etc.

2. Get ideas from competitors

Your competitors will also have website content ideas that are effective at attracting repeat visitors to their websites. You can monitor their websites to see how often they publish their content and what type it is, then look at their metrics on tools like Alexa to see how effective they are at visitor acquisition and retention.

3. Launch a blog

Launching a blog is easy and with platforms like WordPress and Blogger you can be blogging within hours. Blogging has many benefits including:

• Increasing organic search rankings
• Target more keywords to rank for
• More visitors to your website
• Higher visitor retention
• Establishes you as an expert in your field
• Engage with website visitors
• Capture emails that you can market to

4. Create engaging content

You shouldn’t create content just for the sake of it. Your content should be of the highest quality and should keep people coming back for more. You can keep track of metrics like bounce rates, average pageviews and time on site in Analytics to see how effective your content is at engaging visitors

5. Do keyword research

Because of the importance of search engines as part of a content marketing strategy, it’s important that you do keyword research first before writing your content. You can then include the keywords you want to rank for in your content and title and meta tags. A good keyword density target for your content is between 3-5% to ensure that your keywords are well represented and that you are not penalised for excessive keyword stuffing.

6. Measure and track with analytics

Use Google Analytics to assess the impact of your content for all traffic sources including CPC, Organic, Social, Referral, Direct etc. You can check which pages are leading to exits, which ones have high bounce rates and low visitor engagement. These metrics help you to understand areas of your site that are underperforming and require updating.

7. Promote your content

Use social media to promote your content to thousands of potential new customers and visitors. By tweeting it and sharing on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, you will build a loyal following of people and organisations that are interested in what you have to say. You can also automate these processes if you have a lot of content to share by using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer.

8. Repurpose your content

Now you can distribute your content in multiple formats to gain followers on a wide range of platforms. For example, you can turn a blog post into a video to publish on YouTube, create a powerpoint presentation of it and upload it to Slideshare, restructure it for LinkedIn and other social accounts and include some of it in an ebook to sell on Amazon Kindle.

9. Give it away free

Giving away your content for free as a whitepaper, infographic or ebook is one effective way to increase visitors – and for people to signup to your emails. This is potentially more effective than selling it for a low price, because it will help you to grow your list, that you can market to later.

10. Create an ebook

Create an ebook out of your blog posts that you can sell on your website or on Amazon. You can use the ebook to promote your services and bring people to your site to find out more about your business.

11. Structure appropriately

You should decide how your pages will be structured on your website for easy navigation by your visitors. Also, each page should include H1, H2 tags, paragraphs, images, that are structured for easy reading and to increase your visitor retention.

12. Features vs. Benefits

It’s crucial for your marketing efforts to understand the difference between features and benefits. Features are factual statements about your products or services and they are often technical statements and aren’t what entice customers to buy.
However, benefits are what visitors are interested in and it is this that you should include in your content. Your visitors will be asking ‘What’s In It For Me?’ as they access your content.

13. Optimise for search engines

Search engines are of second importance to your website and you should optimise your website for them too. Since they can only read text, you should ensure that your site includes the keywords you want to rank for and images should have ‘alt text’ so that the search engines can understand what they are about. Also, include a well-written title tag because is what shows on Google and Bing search results as part of your listing.

14. Include call to action (CTA)

The call to action is your response mechanism and this should be prominent throughout your website. Usually, you will have more than one CTA, so you should place them on the appropriate pages to ensure that people take the action that is most important to your business. Examples of CTAs include ‘Buy Now’ ‘Free Download’ ‘Contact Us’ and you can create goal conversions for them in Google Analytics to track their performance.

15. Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of selling with text and because every website is selling something, you should produce copy that sells your products or services effectively with minimal hard sales tactics.


Content marketing ideas are everywhere and you can often find them on social media platforms that are important to your sector. However, your content should be unique and of supreme quality and should engage your target audiences.
Share your content marketing ideas below and contact me if you require help producing quality content or have a copywriting campaign to launch.

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