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4 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About Google Ads Advertising

4 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About Google Ads Advertising

Naturally, your boss will be skeptical about Google Ads. He will have many questions about this platform that he has heard a lot about, but never fully understood how it works.

So, it’s your job to help her understand how it can benefit the business and achieve its online advertising goals.

One myth about Google Ads is that it’s expensive. The reality is it’s the most cost effective platform around and allows you to spend the exact amount you want and not a penny more.

It’s expensive

There are of course many horror stories of advertisers spending thousands and getting little in return. The truth is many advertisers approach advertising on Google the wrong way.

They setup budget settings incorrectly and they spend more than they intended. They also ignore their campaigns after launching and hope that somehow they will magically bring in tons of money.

In reality, Google Ads is a very effective PPC platform that’s working for thousands. But like any form of marketing, you need to put in the hours to make it work. You also need to familiarise yourself with its features before setting up and managing campaigns. Check out a course at Udemy to learn about Google Ads.

So, you should be able to show your boss how budgets can be controlled and how to start with a small test budget.

Our competitors are doing much better

Your boss will likely know much about competitors and what advertising they’re doing. This will include doing some research into their ads on Google to see what they’re up to.

Your boss is likely to believe competitors are doing well, simply by being visible online. And that’s true to the extent that competitors are unlikely to be advertising month after month if they’re are getting no results.

The reality however is that many advertisers aren’t doing very well. Despite advertising for months and years, many are losing money which could actually be saved by good management practices.

Google Ads is not suitable for us

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, has come a long way since its launch in 2000. Initially, there were only 350 advertisers on the platform and very few searchers.

Today, it’s the leading online advertising platform for millions of businesses around the globe in all kinds of industries.

So, it’s very likely that your sector is just right for Google Ads. With competitors also advertising on Google, this is a sign that your business could benefit from launching some ads.

You could use some competitor research tools like Spyfu to spy into your competitors’ ads. You’ll be able to see what keywords they are bidding on and how much they are spending and share this data with your boss to show that her business could benefit too.

Competitors will click on our ads and drive up our costs

Click fraud is a fear many advertisers have. And this is understandable considering how high CPCs are in some industries. However, this was a problem in the early days when advertisers were clicking on each other’s ads to drive up their costs.

Google now has sophisticated tools to detect click fraud and this hasn’t been a problem for many years. But it’s important to know that it’s not possible to prevent competitors from clicking your ads entirely, even multiple times.

In fact, some of these clicks are discounted by Google and are treated as a single click. Google analyses each click and looks at engagement level and behaviour to determine how genuine the clicks are.

Google then filters any clicks from your reports that are deemed illegitimate so that you’re not charged for them. If invalid clicks have escaped their automatic filters, then you’ll be eligible to receive a credit for those clicks.

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