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5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

We are well into 2015 and lots of exciting things are happening in all areas of digital marketing, with one of them being a greater emphasis by marketers to create a unique experience for their customers on all channels.
Here are 5 digital marketing trends to look out for in the second half of 2015 and that you should consider implementing and managing for your business.

1. Improvement in multi-channel reporting

The introduction of multi-channels reports in Analytics and attribution modelling has been important to assess and track how each channel is contributing to sales and conversions. So, each channel, whether its Paid Search, Organic, Referral, Direct, Social Network is easier to track to see how it is performing and whether to continue investing in it.

Top Multi-channel funnels

However, challenges still remain especially with the way visitors and customers are now not only multi-channel users, but are also multi-device users.

For example, a person will research on mobile and then walk into the store to view the products and do more research (showrooming) but purchase on desktop from the cheapest supplier. Tracking such multi-device usage is difficult however, some retailers are coming closer to solving it by use of coupons and training staff on how to track these customers.

2. Mobile Responsiveness to be more crucial

Google has recently announced that mobile responsive sites will see a boost in search results on mobile devices. This is a welcome announcement for businesses that have had a head start on creating a great mobile experience.

However, this is only the beginning of the importance of mobile-responsiveness. Not only will sites have to be responsive, businesses will have to create a totally unique experience on mobile that makes browsing, searching and purchasing as easy as it is on desktop.

Mobile friendly website

3. Marketers seeking to boost automation

With more time being taken by a wider range of digital marketing strategy tools and channels, marketers will be looking for ways to automate processes and be more efficient and effective. So they will be seeking to go beyond email automation and ad automation to include a wider range of tactics.

4. Actionable Analytics

Whether it’s for social media, PPC, organic or email traffic, analytics will play a central role in creating winning strategies for businesses. Google continues to innovate its analytics tools and businesses will use these more to create their KPIs and benchmark against competitors.

5. Focus on content marketing

Marketers and business owners will put more resources into developing their content marketing strategies. This includes all channels like social media profiles and especially on their websites and blogs to increase visitor acquisition and for greater customer retention.


To find out how you can create a digital marketing strategy for your business and benefit from increased customer acquisition and a boost to your online campaigns, contact me to discuss your requirements.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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