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why google ads are not effective

5 Reasons Why Google Ads Are Not Effective

Many advertisers are confused why, despite their best efforts, their Google Ads campaigns are not effective. They setup campaigns and run them but find that they spend more than they get back in sales or leads.

In fact, many advertisers that have ineffective Google ads all have similar traits that I’ve seen with some clients that I’ve worked with.

The truth is there are campaigns that I’ve not been able to fix or make a success of, and that’s mainly because of the advertisers’ approach to Google Ads advertising. They are often not willing to put in the resources and time to make it work and are short-sighted in their advertising.

These are some of the traits I’ve seen with Google Ads accounts that are not effective:


1. Being inconsistent with advertising

Many advertisers are not consistent with their pay per click (PPC) advertising in Google Ads and will start and stop campaigns constantly with no focused approach.

It’s important to understand how customers search for products or services. They will search multiple times and over days or even weeks and will click your ads multiple times too as they shop around.

So, if you’re not always online and available, you will lose some of these customers to your competitors. And this is one of the reasons why Google ads are not effective.


2. Not willing to increase budgets

Over time you’ll notice that more competitors are joining your industry. And they will be bidding on similar keywords as you and at times bidding even higher. Even existing competitors will be doing the same.

Also, competitors are also actively improving their campaigns and are not standing still. And so, it often gets more competitive and increasing budgets to increase traffic and conversions is a necessary part of advertising.

Again, it’s important that you continue to scale your campaign upwards to increase your sales or leads. As your business grows and campaigns become more targeted, you should look for more opportunities to increase volume.

Unfortunately, many advertisers ignore this important part of advertising and never increase their budgets to seek more opportunities.


3. Not giving campaigns enough time to run

Most advertisers need at least three months to assess how successful their ads are. That’s true especially if you are a new advertiser with a small budget and are still testing ads, keywords, bid strategies and so on.

Unfortunately, most advertisers are not patient and will pause ads within days, if they see no positive return from their ad spend.

The truth is Google Ads is a highly effective platform and many advertisers do see quick results, sometimes in just a few days.

But for most advertisers, achieving a good return can often take weeks or months. And even those who experience quick success will often see better results as they continue to advertise over the months.

This is one of the reasons why many Google Ads campaigns are not effective. So, give your ads some time to run as you continue to tweak them, and you’ll see better performance over time.


4. Changing agencies or freelancers frequently

Changing agencies or freelancers frequently can harm the performance of your ads and cause them to be ineffective. Many advertisers are impatient when they don’t see the results they expected from a Google Ads agency or freelancer.

Each expert you work with will have different ideas on how to run your ads and what to implement. So if you don’t give each of them enough time to test their suggestions and ideas, you’ll never see a positive result, no matter how good they are.

Some things just take a long time to work. And as long as you’ve done your homework looking for a specialist to work with and seen their case studies and reviews, then you should work closely with them to make your ads a success.


5. Not learning the settings to be able to manage campaigns effectively

If you’re going to manage your ads yourself and even set them up in-house, you’ll first need to familiarise yourself with Google Ads and all the features.

There are a number of ways you can do that including getting some PPC training. This will help you to master some of the main features and then you can follow some YouTube videos and blog articles to learn more as you manage your campaigns.

Many advertisers just setup campaigns and let them run and never take time to learn how the features and settings actually work. And this causes them to be ineffective and not bring in the expected results.

Like any advertising channel, there is a bit of a learning curve with Google Ads and with a little time and focus you can learn it effectively and run successful ads.



These are some of the main reasons why Google Ads campaigns are not effective. Knowing this will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that hold back many advertisers from reaching true success in Google Ads. So it’s important to continuously review this and ensure you’re not making the same mistakes.


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