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Google Ads Freelance Consultant

6 Advantages of Working With A Google Ads (AdWords) Freelance Consultant


If you’re thinking about working with an AdWords Freelance Consultant to promote your business, there are a number of things to be aware of. One of them is that finding the right one can be a challenge.


There are many to choose from. And many will claim to have the experience and skills that you need to run successful PPC campaigns.


There are a number of options to find a freelancer which a search on Google or looking at the options available on freelance sites such as People Per Hour. Doing some thorough research and asking questions and looking at reviews will help you find the right AdWords Freelancer.


Here are 6 advantages of working with a Google Ads Freelance Consultant:


More affordable


The average AdWords Freelance Consultant hourly rate is £30. This is much lower than the average UK agency rate of £86. So you’ll make a huge saving by partnering with a freelancer.


That’s mainly because freelancers have less overhead costs than agencies and even far less than employing an AdWords Expert directly.


Of course you should ensure they have the expertise and capacity.


No account managers


Dealing with an account manager in an agency can be a challenge for many advertisers. You may not have direct access to the person actually working on your account. That can cause delays and frustrations.


Working directly with an freelance PPC consultant is better because you can brainstorm ideas and implement quickly.


You also develop a good working relationship as you both work towards achieving goals that are mutually beneficial.


Flexible hours


Whether they’re based in the UK or abroad, freelancers are usually flexible in their working hours. And they’ll accommodate your requirements. They’re able to work longer hours and will accommodate your time zone differences.


Work closely together


When you signup with an AdWords agency instead, you don’t know often who is working on your account. It could be one of the less experienced people on the time. Or it could be an outsourced resource that’s based in Asia. So you have no idea who is actually managing  it.


In fact, most large agencies have apprentices and graduates with very little AdWords experience. And these will manage their smaller client accounts, with the specialists working on the bigger accounts.


With an AdWords Freelance Consultant you are sure who is working on it because they are unlikely to have a team. And you can work closely with the freelancer to make your campaign a success.


Quick turnaround


Working with a freelancer has the benefit of a quick turnaround. It’s possible that when all the work is agreed that your campaign can be up and running in under 24 hours.


On average it takes about 4 hours to setup a new AdWords campaign. That includes the keyword research and writing the ads. So, you can expect the AdWords Consultant to have it completed within a day and you can then launch the campaign.


Because you’re not working with an account manager that has to relay everything to the person actually working on your account, this speeds up the process.


No lengthy contracts


With an agency, you’re almost certain to sign a 12 month contract. But most freelancers don’t require contracts and if they do, they are usually just three month contracts.


So you’re not locked in to a long contract and can easily move on if things are not working out as expected.




Working with an AdWords Freelance Consultant has many benefits especially when you find the right one. It’s important that you build a good relationship with your freelancer and work closely together to achieve your goals.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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