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6 Tips To Hire A Google Ads Expert


Finding and hiring a good Google Ads Expert can be a challenge. There are many to choose from and you’ve probably worked with some in thepast with little or no results.


That’s not surprising though. Many advertisers have a need to hire a Google Ad PPC Expert because they have little experience managing ad campaigns. They also have little time to do it because of other commitments.


However, following a few steps can help you find the right person. Here are some tips to help you find and hire the best Google Ads Expert:


What Skills Do They Have?


Google Ads is a large platform with many campaign types. You can run Search, Display, Remarketing, App, Shopping and Video campaigns. So there are many advertising options available in this one platform. And you’re unlikely to find a platform with so many options.


So it’s important to check that the Google Ads Expert has experience in the campaign type you want to launch.


Not all Google Ads experts have experience in all campaign types. For example, you’ll find some that have experience and skills in Search Advertising but very little or none in Google Shopping feeds.


One way to find out is by checking their Google Ads Certification. It will say if they have passed the Google Ads exams for each campaign type. If not you can also find out who they’ve worked with in the past and on what campaigns.


Do They Have Experience With Similar Businesses?


Have they worked with businesses in your industry? And what has been their experience? If they have then they are likely to have a good idea of customer behaviour and how they acquire products or services online.


If not, check that they’ve worked with businesses in closely related sectors. For example, if you are a local service business, a Google Ads Expert with local advertising experience would be ideal.


Check Online Reviews


A Google AdWords Expert that actively collects customer reviews is likely to be serious about the work they do. They will take customer satisfaction seriously and aim to ensure they leave happy customers wherever they go.


Some Google Ads experts use review platforms like Feefo, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and others. If you do a search on Google you will see these reviews and you can check how good they are.


Check Portfolio


Do they have a portfolio of past clients. This will be available on their website and you can check this. Also, check to see if they have any case studies from related industries.


Not all experts with have portfolios and case studies, but it would help if they do because it will help you to make an informed decision. Again, a Google Ads Expert that has taken the time to create a portfolio and created some case studies is likely a good Google Ads Expert.


How Much Do They Charge?


Price should not be a primary factor when looking for a Google Ads Expert. If you go cheap you’re unlikely to get the right expert and could waste a lot of money.

However, they should be affordable and their rates reasonable and you should check this at the beginning.


Are They Certified?


Google Ads offers a certification programme that’s part of its Partners programme. To be certified as a Google Ads Expert, one has to have passed two exams and have managed at least £10,000 of advertising over the past 90 days.

A Google Ads Expert should meet and maintain these requirements to be considered as certified. You can check their partnership page or request a certificate to check they’ve passed the exams.


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