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6 Tips To Hire A PPC Freelancer

If you’re looking to hire a Pay Per Click (PPC) Freelancer, you’ll need to follow a process to make it a success. Finding a good PPC freelancer will lead to a profitable advertising campaign and a lasting relationship.


However, engaging the wrong freelancer could be costly. You’ll waste money on your AdWords PPC campaign and on the freelancer too and that will be a lot of wasted time.


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Here are 6 tips to follow to find and hire a good PPC freelancer:


Are they certified?

Check that they have AdWords Certification. You can ask to see their certificate or they could send you their Google Partners Page if they are a Google Partner.


To be Search certified, they’ll have passed two AdWords exams: the Fundamental exams which covers the basics of AdWords and the Advanced Search exams covering advanced concepts. Both tests are rigorous and require a deep understanding of the AdWords platform.


And to achieve Google Partner status, they should have managed at least £10,000 of advertising spend over the previous days and have at least a 12 month good management performance.


Have they written a book or ebook

Very few PPC freelancers have written a book or ebook. In fact, only the best will have done this and it’s a sign that they’re highly experienced and have enough experience to put their ideas into a book.


Of course check out the book they’ve written and read it if possible and see if it has any reviews. It’s much easier now to write a book and anyone can do so and publish online. And not many books are great.


However, writing a book helps to clarify an authors thinking and processes. And with that they are able to hone their AdWords skills and offer a great management service.


Check their online reviews

All credible AdWords freelancers will have online reviews. These should be visible when you do a search for them online or when you check their profile on the freelancer website that they use.


Good reviews are an indication that you’ll have a good experience with them. If they have a positive rating below 95% then you should tread cautiously. And if that’s for for many reviews, then it shows they have many bad ratings.


For example, if they’ve received 1000 reviews at 92% positive rating. That means they’ve had 80 bad reviews, which would be high. Consider only working with a PPC Freelancer with over 97% positive rating.


What do they charge?

A PPC Freelancer will usually charge less than a PPC Agency. They have less overheads and are unlikely to be employing anyone. So they have fewer operating costs and can therefore charge less.


On average PPC specialists charge £50 per hour. And they’ll need about 5 hours to research and setup a new campaign. So for a new PPC Campaign, you should pay about £250 to get it setup.


For management, costs start from as little as £250 per month and can go up to £500 or more depending on the volume of work.


Who have they worked with?

Find out who they’ve worked it. If they have a website, check the portfolio if they have one or request some case studies or reviews to see the type of clients they’ve worked with in the past.


It’s important that they have experience setting up and managing AdWords campaigns for similar clients to your yours. If you’re in the services industries, check which service businesses they’ve worked with.


Do they have reports, case studies, ebooks etc?

If they have a website check if there are any reports, ebooks or case studies on Pay Per Click Advertising that they’ve written. You can also ask the freelancer to send these directly to you or check their profile on People Per Hour to see if they’ve uploaded there.


A PPC Freelancer that’s taken the time to create these will be serious about their work. And they’re likely to take your requirements seriously.



Finding a good PPC Freelancer is important if you’d like to run effective campaigns. There are many freelancers to choose from but following the tips above will steer you in the right direction. Contact me to find out how I can help you setup and manage effective PPC campaigns.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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