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LinkedIn for business

7 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Boost Performance

LinkedIn for business

If LinkedIn is part of your social media marketing strategy, it’s important that you have a clear idea of how you will be active there and what objectives you want to achieve. LinkedIn has many benefits for businesses and professionals and can lead to an increase in brand awareness and customer acquisition
Here are 7 LinkedIn marketing tips to help you achieve your goals:

1. Post during the day

As a professional social network, most people are active during the day and at working hours. So, responses and engagement with your posts will be higher during working hours than weekends or outside of working hours.

2. Post once or twice a day

If you are a member of a number of groups related to your industry, there is little need to post the same article or content many times. That’s because your target prospects will likely be members of all these groups and posting in one or two groups will be sufficient to reach them.

3. Encourage staff to be active

Encourage employees to be active on LinkedIn and post company updates and material that will be of interest to followers and connections. It helps to increase visibility for your business and products

4. Run LinkedIn ads

This allows you to target individuals and businesses more precisely and gives you more control over what is seen about your business.

5. Get insight from followers

Engage with your followers and connections and ask them for feedback about your products or services. This is cheap market research that helps you understand how your business is perceived in the market and what changes you need to make to your brand to keep it fresh and updated.

6. Get active and interactive

LinkedIn may not appear to be a social media site like Facebook and others, but it actually is. It’s mainly for professionals and businesses that want to raise their profile and connect with potential customers, employees, partners, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders. So, like other social sites, it’s important to interact with others and build relationships that will be profitable for your business or career.

7. Make frequent profile updates

This helps to keep your profile up to date and is beneficial to the ranking of your profile in Google search results. If your profile is updated regularly, every 3 or so months when people search for your name on Google, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the highest ranking placements.

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