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Negative Keywords

7 Reasons Why You Should Add Negative Keywords


Negative keywords help improve your campaigns immensely. As you launch and run AdWords campaigns it’s inevitable that you’ll get some searches that aren’t relevant and you’ll need to block them.


Adding negative keywords has many benefits and these include:


⁃ reduces wasted budget
⁃ Increases conversion rates
⁃ Increases sales
⁃ Reduces cost per conversion
Improves click through rates
⁃ Reduces bounce rates
⁃ Improves profitability


So let’s dive deeper into the 7 reasons why you should add negative keywords:


Reducing Wasted Budget


Negative keywords block searches that eat into your budget with no return. Considering how advertising budgets are always being squeezed, it’s important that every penny is well spent and is contributing to conversions.


Budget Setting is one of the most important tasks in AdWords and having a sufficient one is crucial. So you can help your budget go further by reducing any wastage.


Increased Conversion Rates


With more budget going to better performing keywords, this leads to better conversion rates. And it’s possible to get conversion rates that are higher than 5%.


Conversion rate is a metric you track in your campaigns. And you can see it for your ads, keywords and ad groups too. So you can easily track and improve it in your campaigns by adding poor performing search terms as negative keywords.


Increased Sales for Targeted Keywords


Better conversion rates lead to increased sales for the available budget.


Adding negative keywords means you block all irrelevant searches and give relevant ones more budget to perform better. Your best keywords are then likely to get more clicks and conversions if Budget was limited before.


More sales also means an account that is more successful. Because Search terms are are very important to campaigns, they should be managed regularly and blocked if they aren’t relevant.


Reduced Cost Per Conversion


With a good list of negative keywords which leads to increased sales for your budget, you’ll see an improvement in cost per conversion. This will reduce the cost for each conversion you get.


So you’ll be able to add more budget in your campaigns.


Cost per conversion is one of the key metrics in your account. And you can see it for your ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns. So, it’s easy to track and analyse and therefore improve.


Improved Click Through Rates


In your search terms report you can see which searches have low Click Through Rates. If you find any with low CTRs and poor performance you should add them as negatives.


And you can do this easily by selecting them and adding them as negatives at the campaign or ad group level.


Reduced Bounce Rates


Adding negative keywords that have low engagement will help improve bounce rates. A high bounce rate above 60% is an indication that a visitor is not engaged. So if that’s a trend you see with specific keywords, then you should block them with negative keywords.


Increased Profitability


Finally, adding negative keywords helps to improve profitability, the most important goal of advertising.

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