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Twitter Marketing Strategy

7 Tips For Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter is a social media platform for businesses and individuals that want to build a large following and increase website traffic at low cost. This is possible with a Twitter marketing strategy and the returns are amazing.

Twitter Marketing Strategy

So to get started, here are 7 Twitter marketing strategy tips to implement for your business:

1.Share valuable content

Most content shared on Twitter is of low quality and is not targeted. So it’s important to ensure that any tweets or retweets sent from your account is of the highest quality and will be of interest to your followers. That means if you blog for example, you should take the time to research your market and write flawless blog posts.

Your Klout score is one indicator of how effective your content is on social media and if people retweet and engage with it, your score will rise. Followers retweeting and quoting you are also strong indicators of how valuable your content is.

Klout Score

2. Take advantage of tools to share relevant content

Use third party social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialOomph and ManageFlitter to automate your Twitter marketing strategy. You can use these tools to:

• Schedule tweets and free up your time
• Follow back people who follow you
• Follow people and businesses that are of interest to you
• Respond to mentions
• Thank people for retweeting your tweets
• Gain insight into your key metrics with analytics


3. Use hashtags sparingly

People use keywords on Twitter or hashtags to search for relevant and interesting tweets and by including them in your tweets, you increase your chance of being found and increasing your followers. Always remember not to keyword stuff because that renders your tweets unreadable and annoys many people.

4. Send tailored direct messages

Do you have a book to promote or have you launched a new product that you want your followers to know about? You can use automated DMs to notify your followers and increase website traffic. However, this should not be abused and any messages you send should be in line with your current business offers and therefore be relevant to your followers.

5. Connect with the right people

What will start as a small presence on Twitter can lead to huge returns for your business if you connect with the right people. You could soon benefit from high traffic volumes to your site from people who are interested in what you have to say and who retweet and favourite your tweets. This will increase your reach, grow your followers and increase sales or leads for your business.

6. Retweet interesting content

Retweet content that will be of interest with your followers. This helps to vary the type of content you are tweeting while still remaining relevant to your followers. It also helps to build new relationships with the owners of the content you’ve retweeted.

7. Tweet links to your blog

Remember to add a link to your blog in your tweets even if it’s not directly related to a page on your website or blog. This is an opportunity to get more traffic.


Have any Twitter marketing strategy tips that have worked for your business? Please comment and share them below. Also, download the free Twitter marketing strategy template to plan your strategy.

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