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quality website content

8 Factors That Affect The Quality Of Website Content

Quality website content is a must if you intend to reach new customers, acquire new visitors, increase search engine rankings, raise brand awareness, retain existing customers, create brand advocates or whatever other online marketing goals you have.
However, this is something many businesses get wrong and that’s because they don’t plan their content marketing strategy and haven’t identified the markets they want to reach with their content.

quality website content
So with that, here are 8 factors that enhance the quality of website content and help you achieve your goals:

1. Personalised

Personalised website content creates a great user experience for visitors and leads to greater interaction and more return visits. Personalisation is popular in online consumer portals and one prominent retailer that does it effectively is

The aim of online personalisation is to create extra value for the visitor and customer by reducing time it takes to complete tasks like finding products, buying related products, remembering past interests and so on.

2. Easy to Find

Content should be easily accessible on your website and that means visitors should not spend a considerable length of timing trying to get to the information that they need. This is why navigation is a critical factor to the quality of content on your site and this is important for both search engine bots and humans.

Depending on the sector and industry you are in, a wide or deep website structure may be important or a combination of the two. A deep structure is more common for ecommerce sites that sell thousands of products and the layout of the site will affect the user experience and the satisfaction with your content.

3. Timely

Content should be produced, submitted and promoted in a timely manner to reach your target audiences when they are most receptive to it. This is where a content calendar is helpful, because you can plan your content strategy for the year and factor in holidays and seasons to promote it. With such a plan in place, you will produce quality content that will help to connect with your prospects.

4. Up to date

Blogging regularly helps to keep your content fresh and up to date. It gives visitors confidence that they will find relevant and timely content about whatever topic you write about. Also, you should regularly update your other content like website text, images and graphics regularly to ensure that they are relevant when people access it. If visitors and search engine bots find old dates on your content they are unlikely to return to read it and index it and this will lead to a drop in visitors and customers.

5. Accurate

Check all facts to make sure that they are correct and verify that anything that is uploaded to your site is factual and has no errors. Errors and misinformation can lessen visitor trust and could also lead to complaints which reduce the chances you have to build relationships and retain customers. Also, factual content increases trust and helps to spread the word about your website and offers – to your visitors’ own circles.

6. Clear

Points and facts should be explained clearly and should leave no ambiguity. Your content should be understood by your target audiences and you should keep technical jargon to a minimum especially if they have to search around looking for further explanation of your content. Grammar and spelling should be 100% correct and this is an important factor for search engine rankings and building confidence with your target audiences.

7. Detailed

Your website content should be detailed enough that your readers should not have to turn to other sources to look for more information – unless that is one of your goals.

8. Relevant

It should be created specifically for the people you want to reach and no one else, and they should be able to get it as soon as they land on your website.


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