8 Tips On Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant

July 9, 2015
By: Mike
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Are you looking to hire a digital marketing consultant that will help you promote your business on social media, search engines and across the web? There are many factors to consider as you search for that outstanding online marketer that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.
I’ve put together a list of 9 tips to help you search and find the right digital marketing consultant for your business:

1. What sectors have they worked in?

Digital marketing is a wide field with many disciplines and you should ensure that they have experience in your sector or similar sectors. For example, services marketing on the web is different from online retail and the channels used are often different. An online retailer for example will use Product Listing Ads to promote their products on Google Shopping whereas Google Maps will be more important for a local service business.

2. Are they a freelancer or agency?

The internet has changed the way we do business and this growth has led to the emergence of an army of freelancers in all sorts of disciplines. Sites like Elance and People Per Hour have many experienced freelancers that you can hire for one-off or ongoing projects. They are very affordable too and you can work with a freelancer that’s on the other side of the globe effectively.

People Per Hour

Agency professionals usually specialise more and you will have a wider range of skills to manage your online marketing campaigns. So you will have copywriters, PPC experts, SEO experts, marketing planners to help your business.

3. Check their qualifications

A consultant with marketing qualifications is a bonus but not essential. Skill and experience is more important especially in the online realm. However, Google for example has a certification programme for its Adwords pay per click platform which is a mark of achievement for an adwords professional and demonstrates that they have skill and have worked with many clients.

Adwords & Analytics Qualifications

4. Do they have online reviews?

Check their online reviews to see what feedback they’ve received from past clients. Many sites collect reviews and on freelancer sites you can see reviews for past projects.

Online reviews

5. What do they charge?

Check their prices beforehand and ensure that it covers all the work that you need done. The proposal they send should list all the activities and the cost for each with timescales too.

6. Are they published?

Have they written any articles or books that you can check out, to see what their expertise is before you hire them. It’s not essential that they are published, however published marketers with positive reviews have demonstrated high level of knowledge in their discipline.

7. Check their experience

Make a shortlist of digital marketing consultants that have the experience you need and check that they have worked with clients in your industry.

8. Who have they worked with?

Check who they have worked with and ask for references.


Contact me to find out how I can help you plan and manage your digital marketing strategy.

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