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AdWords Bidding Best Practices

Google Ads (AdWords) Bidding Best Practices

AdWords Bidding is one of the important features in your campaign settings. So it’s important that you pick the best bid strategy to help increase clicks, impressions, sales, enquiries or any other goal you have.


These are the latest AdWords Bidding best practices to make your campaigns a success:


Start with an automated strategy


When you first create an AdWords campaign, you’re unlikely to know what bids to set. Of course the keyword research tool can help with its ‘suggested bid’ feature and that can help you set a manual bid.


However, there are many factors that change constantly like the competition, device used, locations and others that come into play during auction time. So a suggested bid may not be very helpful.


With an automated bid strategy you allow the system to set the bids. So the AdWords machine learning system sets bids based on your goals and it saves you a lot of time and effort.


But for some automated bid strategies, like smart bidding strategies which focus on conversions and conversion value, these will not be available when you first launch your campaigns.


You will have others like Maximise Clicks and Target Search Page Location. The former helps you to get as many clicks as possible for your AdWords budget. It will set the bids automatically and try to reach your budget limit by getting you many clicks.


Don’t overbid


For some industries, being anywhere on the first page of Google will see an advertiser get sufficient traffic volumes to make AdWords a success. Searchers will Click most of the Ads as they search for a product or service.


So, whether your ad is at the top or at the bottom of the Organic results, you will still get many clicks. This is common with research heavy business sectors like Ecommerce retail stores.


So it’s important not too overbid and pay over the top for your clicks. And that’s especially when you have a limited budget.


Your click through rate will be high whether you’re at the top or the bottom and being at the bottom could see you achieve a good cost per sale.


However, for other sectors like emergency services, it will be important to be one of the top three ads. That’s because many searchers won’t bother looking at the bottom ranked ads. They will go with one of the top ones.


Update low ranked keywords


If you’re using a manual CPC bid strategy, some of your keywords will drop below page 1 rankings. So their rankings will be low and that will lead to a drop in impressions and clicks.


One solution is to use an automated bid strategy. It will take care of the bidding and help you reach your goals while saving you a lot of time.



There are many AdWords Bidding best practices to follow, but the three listed above will help you achieve great results.

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