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Please provide as much info as possible

    What is your website?

    What is your product or service?

    Who is your target audience or target market?

    What outcomes (or goals) do you have for the above areas of focus? Eg more visitors to your site, more impressions, higher conversion rate or sales.

    Points of difference - what could we say about your product or service that stands out from your competitors (USP – Unique Selling Point)?

    Please give us 5 phrases or keywords that you think would best relate to your products or services.

    Location – which countries, cities, regions or postcodes are you targeting?

    Who are your competitors (and their websites)?

    Are you comfortable with us a) having access to your site, and b) adding some tiny code to your site to help with analysis and measurement each month of these key measures (this won't affect site performance)?

    When would you like the ads to start running? What days, hours would you like the ads to run?

    What is your Google Ads budget?

    What is your Google Ads Customer ID? - Please supply it if you have an existing account (This is the 10 digit number found in your Google Ads Account)

    What is your Email Address?

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