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Phoenix is a school in Southern Spain that caters for nursery, primary and secondary students and for people in the area who are looking for an international school and people from Britain, Russia and Northern Europe looking to move to Spain and find a school for their kids.

International School Case Study

The Challenge

They are a good school with a great offer however being found has been a challenge and despite running ads and offline promotional campaigns, they have seen few results from their efforts. The decision was then taken to assess how effective their website can be to raise awareness of the school and as an acquisition strategy.
The other challenge is that despite decent traffic volumes for people looking for an international school, precisely targeting those who are looking for a school in their location is not easy – because they use searches for towns nearby. Many people are not based where they are and determining how interested they would be in a school that’s a few miles away is not easy.

The Solution

It was decided to run some PPC campaigns – one for each of the main countries like Britain and Russia and to run a campaign for people who are already in the area or nearby. Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) for the people in or nearby, that will make ads more relevant to searchers and to convince them of the many benefits.

The Results

Traffic volumes are low but results show the interest that many visitors have in the school. Enquiries have risen by over 10% and future plans are to run a display campaign to raise awareness of the school.

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