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Can You Do Google Ads Without A Website?

Yes, absolutely, you can run Google Ads campaigns without a website. In fact, most business types and industries can run successful ads in Google consistently and not have to worry too much about having a website to promote.

However, without a website you’re very limited to what you can do in Google Ads. In fact, you’re highly limited in the reach that you can achieve for your ads, which is a success factor online. Most campaign types and features will not be available to you and you will struggle to scale things upwards in terms of clicks and conversions.

In fact, the number of businesses that have truly achieved great things online without a website are very limited, and possibly don’t exist. The best you can achieve without a website is just a small volume of clicks and conversions to just keep you going and run profitable ads.

But there are a few scenarios when a website is not required in Google Ads and I cover them below.

Here are some scenarios in which you don’t need a website to run ads in Google Ads:

Create a Smart campaign

A Smart campaign is a basic campaign type in Google Ads that automates most functions and features for you. It’s usually implemented by new advertisers who have no prior experience with Google Ads and allows for quick launch and updating.

It’s also one of the few ways you can run PPC ads without needing a website or landing page. Instead, you can promote your Google Business profile, formerly known as Google My Business, and target local customers in Google Maps and Search.

So, you won’t need a website for this. It’s ok for some of the smallest businesses like a solo tradesman with a local customer base.


Create an App campaign

An app campaign allows you to promote your iOS or Android app to drive installs or engagement. So, you can promote it on these platforms and across sites and apps that are part of the Google network. These include Google’s largest properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover and the Display network.

All you’ll need to add are a few lines of text, some assets, a bid and the rest is optimised to help you drive installs and engagements.



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