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He is now benefiting from quality signups and an increased view rate.

My client at First Rate Markets specialises in the Forex Trading industry and was using a Google Ads account in order to advertise his services on YouTube. The Forex market is a burgeoning one, and my client was keen to tap into the growing audience by offering his services offering novice traders advice and training in how to perform technical analysis, even without an extensive background in the foreign exchange market.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of potential for growth in the Forex sector, First Rate Markets was experiencing a significant marketing issue in that their Google Ads account had been suspended. I wanted to help this client to resolve the problem they were experiencing so that they could continue marketing successfully to their target audience.

The Challenge

My client, First Rate Markets, was relying on his Google Ads account in order to promote the Forex training services that he was offering via YouTube. Unfortunately, due to a “circumventing systems policy violation” he had found his Google Ads account was suspended. Despite numerous attempts to overturn the suspension and get his account back up and running again, he had had no success in his endeavours, and this was preventing him from being able to market his business effectively to his target audience.

The Solution

Having seen the frustration experienced by this client as he tried and failed to get his Google Ads account unsuspended, I decided it was time to use my expertise in the industry to help him resolve the matter as quickly and efficiently as possible. I took the time to work with him in order to get Google Ads approval and helped him to set up a new Google Ads account so that he could get back on track with his YouTube advertising strategy.

The Result

Now that my client at First Rate Markets has been able to launch a new Google Ads account, he has been able to begin advertising successfully through Google Ads on his YouTube account. This marketing strategy has proved to be very successful for him already as, within a short space of time, he began to receive many signups to his business landing page.

To date, his view rate on YouTube is now standing at more than 10%, and he is extremely pleased with the impressive return on his investment. After having spent just £72 on resolving his Google Ads issue, he has already benefited from three high-quality signups for his services thanks to the fact that he now has a fully functioning Google Ads account once more and is able to return to advertising the Forex training services that he provides through his YouTube channel.

I was glad to be able to help him in this regard and am delighted that he has already seen good returns.

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