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By setting up a new Google Ads account and targeting countries where potential clients could be, I managed to achieve a 17% click through rate and thus increase Boutique Weddings’ conversion rate up to 7%

Boutique Weddings is a company that organises tasteful and elegant weddings. They have many venues, each one more romantic than the other, but the flagship venue is on the beautiful Lake Como, near Milan.

Boutique Weddings is a company based in Italy – the perfect country for romantic weddings. They take care of everything regarding their clients’ weddings, starting from the planning and ending up with the final mise-en-scène.

What really makes Boutique Weddings stand above other wedding planning companies is their helpfulness and flexibility. I noticed it right away from the moment they contacted me. They looked like the kind of company that’s able to guide the bride and groom to the perfect wedding step by step.

The Challenge

This time, the case was particularly interesting because the company is set in Italy, so we needed to target foreign couples. We decided that our aim was to convey a feeling of helpfulness and personality, which is one of the main features of Boutique Weddings.

In order to do so, they had to distance themselves from the impersonal way of dealing with weddings, like the big wedding planning companies do. Boutique Weddings is a small, personal company, and this had to be the reason for a potential client to choose them instead of the competition.

But there was a problem – Boutique Weddings was totally new to Google Ads. They had no clue of how it worked, and I had to set up every detail of their account from the very beginning. But this was quite good in fact, because it allowed me to choose what direction Boutique Weddings wanted to take from a marketing perspective.

We decided that our target would be foreign couples, who were maybe attracted by the beautiful Italian venues. But first, I had to teach the company how to use Google Ads. Boutique Weddings had very limited knowledge, so I had to be slow and take things step by step. I have experience with working with companies like this, so it wasn’t a problem for me. I actually enjoy the tuition side of working with companies who don’t have much knowledge about Google Ads.

The Solution

This time the solution wasn’t so obvious. We decided that the best possible direction for the company now was to target a few countries where their potential customers could be. After making a list of these countries, we started setting up their new Google Ads account. I recommended they set up a Search campaign, because it’s almost always the best solution for companies at this stage of the process.

The Result

The results were very impressive. Even I was surprised when I saw the campaign had achieved an outstanding 17% click through rate. The conversion rate of the campaign reached a very good 7% as well.

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