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I did deep keyword research to be able set up a new campaign, which resulted in 24 enquiries a month and the click through rate increased by 50%.

Macsa is the innovative provider of solutions for tracing, coding, and marking for a huge range of materials, in a variety of production settings. Macsa have a code system that allows products to be securely identified through the whole length of the long supply chain, which guarantees the integrity of the product to all customers.

They are recognised as world leaders in this type of technological innovation, and they were the first company in the world that developed a dynamic laser for coding in this way. With over 20 years of experience in the application of laser coding, they offer a range of services in software and hardware solutions, service and technical support, spare parts, consumables, and more.

Macsa’s main customers include companies in the sectors of food and drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics, and automotive. They are a Spanish company with headquarters in Barcelona but have five international offices.

The Challenge

Macsa is part of the same group as Abmark, which is a client I had previously worked for. They were run by the same management, meaning Macsa had also fallen victim to the poor efforts of the Google Ads agency.

It was more or less the same situation – the agency was not reachable when needed, and when they did provide help, it was below par standard. Either the agency had taken on too much work and couldn’t respect all of their clients, or they just weren’t experienced enough to handle the difficult B2B sector that Masca and Abmark were in.

The sector made it very difficult to target the right audiences, and I saw right away that the campaigns were poor with a particularly low conversion rate.

The Solution

After fixing Abmark’s problems, the management team were confident that I could find the same or similar results for Macsa. I took some time to review the situation of Macsa, and I realised that this case may be a little more difficult than Abmark’s case.

Macsa’s sector was a little more competitive. Anyhow, I knew it would just take some more detailed keyword research on my behalf. I did this research and then set up a new Search campaign. I saved time in this case because I had already taught the company some of the Googles Ads techniques.

They wanted me to help Macsa to get a fresh start, and then they would try to move forward on their own.

The Result

After my hard work, Macsa were now getting at least 24 enquiries per month. This is very impressive when taking into account that they had almost no conversion before my work. The click through rate also increased by 50%.

Macsa were very pleased with the result. It was a bit more difficult than the Abmark example, but with hard work I still managed to achieve great results.

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