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I set up a new campaign and undertook detailed keyword research to achieve at least 31 B2B leads per month, along with average cost per click dropping by 20%.

Industrial laser specialist Abmark are focused on design, manufacturing, and implementation of various high-quality laser solutions. Specifically developed for industrial use, Abmark’s comprehensive and wide range of powerful lasers include software, workstation, and hardware accessories.

Abmark are proud to combine their unrivalled selection of laser products with over twenty-five years of hard-won experience. They have proved the quality and reliability of their services time and again, and their customers are always satisfied.

The Challenge

Abmark approached me after a bad experience with an agency that they had employed to help with their Google Ads campaigns. The agency was not reachable most of the time to help them with their questions, and even when they were reachable, they did not seem very interested, and the results from the agency were also poor.

I took a look at Abmark’s campaigns and saw that they were performing very poorly with a low conversion rate. I was not so surprised – Abmark’s laser services are right in the middle of a difficult and challenging B2B industry, and it is hard for them to target the right audience. They had chosen a selection of keywords, but they were not converting. Abmark were yet another company who had little knowledge of Google Ads. I always try to teach what I can about Google Ads in these cases.

The Solution

Abmark were impressed by my evaluation of their situation, and they said that I had already done more for them than the agency they had worked with previously. We agreed to work closely together to improve performance. They were excited about the prospect of me teaching them how to work more independently in the future. They were keen to avoid more negative experiences with the agency they had worked with previously.

After some initial research, the first thing I did was to set up a new Search campaign. I did more research after this to make sure I had made the right decisions and to make sure we were heading in the right direction.

The Result

I knew I would see some improvement, but I wasn’t sure just how much because of the difficult market. It was a great success, though. Abmark are now getting at least 31 B2B leads per month, which has greatly helped their business. The average cost per click also dropped by 20%, which was a big improvement.

Abmark were very pleased with the result. They have decided not to work with the previous agency anymore. After my tuition that I provided, they want to try to move forward on their own but continue to use me as a consultant when needed. I was particularly proud of this case, and I was glad I could help Abmark move forward.

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