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For my own website, I launched a new campaign to keep up with a very competitive sector with many agencies and freelancers, and I made regular updates to search engines and increased the budget, achieving 7% conversion rate and lowering cost per click to £6.58.

This is a case study about my own website, Mike Ncube. Working as a Google Ads specialist and Digital Marketing expert is my job full-time, and I have over 13 years of experience, specifically in Pay Per Click advertising.

I have worked over the years with a host of clients in varying sectors which has allowed me to gain insights into the various ways in which advertising and marketing works for different companies. I’ve taken on everything from local services to national campaigns, with clients in fields as diverse as insurance, finance and retail.

I am able to competently set up and manage Google AdWords accounts, create awesome PPC campaigns as well as auditing existing AdWords accounts in order to optimise and fine tune them. I was pleased to be able to bring all of my years of skill and expertise to the table when it came to launching my own campaign in what is a very competitive sector, with excellent results.

The Challenge

I’m a Google Ads expert positioned right in the middle of an extremely competitive market, with many other experts and big-player agencies vying to get a piece of the action. My website is crucial to my success – it’s where all my web traffic comes from and where I make my conversions.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years making sure that the website is designed perfectly for this end, and I write regular blog posts to help drive traffic, while also helping to educate my customers and share my knowledge.

As I’m in a very competitive sector, cost per click is very high and averages at £7.18. I had a small budget of £300 per month initially, so I had to use all of my expertise to get the most out of this limited budget.

The Solution

With all my knowledge and hard work to get my business up and running, I was very keen to get started working with clients. I had to be patient, though. I did a great deal of research and launched a new campaign in 2015 that has been successfully running ever since.

I also make regular updates and tweaks to search queries to make sure that I remain in the prime targeted areas. It is also vital that I continue to increase the budget each year.

The Result

Due to the impressive performance improvements, my budget has increased to £2000 per month, which has allowed me more freedom in my techniques. The average cost per click has dropped to £6.58, achieving 7% conversion rate. As a freelancer, working for myself is important, and I was happy I could see such positive changes in my own business, as well as in my client’s businesses.

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