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Achieved a 200% increase in conversions, along with impressions of over 2 million for all ads

Soracom are a provider of global IoT network cellular connectivity for companies in smart IoT energy, agriculture, manufacturing, medical, and transportation industries. Since 2015, Soracom have accelerated global connection by democratising the types of technologies that the technical innovators need to create new services, experiences, and products. They want to increase the fidelity and number of connections between everyone in the world, by making IoT connectivity even more powerful, accessible, and affordable.

Soracom have a network of over 15,000 customers worldwide, including large multinational corporations to new start-ups. Global innovators of technology connect their devices to the cloud by using Soracom, meaning they can access a complete set of tools for the launch and scale of IoT projects. This is what makes Soracom an exciting and rapidly growing business.


Soracom, a growing IoT network provider, asked for my help in setting up new search campaigns for their IoT Sim solutions for their different sectors such as energy, agriculture, and medical. Despite Soracom’s success, they found that their previous search campaign strategy was not as effective as they had hoped. They wanted a completely new campaign to target existing and new sectors to keep their growth on track.

I took the time to get to know Soracom as a business. I learnt what was important to them and how they functioned with their operations in the different sectors. I pinpointed their specific needs and desired goals. By doing this, I was able to research where to set up the new search campaigns – which was in locations highly relevant to their customers.

I also set up search and display ads for Soracom that were designed to promote their services. I discussed goals with Soracom, and they said they wanted a rise in conversion rates in particular. The initial results were very promising and continued to grow, finally resulting in a 200% rise in conversion.

This is a huge result for Soracom, seeing as the conversion rates were a priority for them. I also achieved impression of over 2 million for all ads.

The Challenge

Soracom are a rapidly growing organisation with great success in the six years they’ve been operating, but to continue growing they needed to put together successful new search campaigns to target different sectors. They approached me for help in setting up these campaigns, knowing that I had the experience that they lacked in this area.

The Solution

I analysed Soracom’s activities and future goals and researched the sectors they worked in and wanted to target, and I setup new search campaigns and search and display ads for these sectors.

The Result

Thanks to the work I did for Soracom, they achieved an impressive 200% increase in conversions, along with impression of over 2 million for all ads. This is what is achievable when setting up new campaigns that are properly researched and targeted.

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