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Click through rate increased by 16% and traffic by 31%, while lowering cost by 25%

Certified Gas Heating are Gas Safe Registered professional plumbers and gas engineers for London, Kent, and Essex areas, providing homes and businesses with the complete offering of gas heating and plumbing services. First established in 2012 in Greenwich by engineers who formally worked for British Gas, Certified Gas Heating has the advantage of large-scale operations, years of experience, a strong reputation of efficiency, ultra-reliability, and the highest quality workmanship.

They pride themselves on customer satisfaction and dependability to get the job done quickly and to a high standard. They’ve proven their reputation by being endorsed by Which? Trusted Trader and Checkatrade.


Certified Gas Heating have been advertising their business on Google Ads for many years with decent results, but that success was starting to wane with increases in competition. They approached me for help in keeping their ads successful and wanted to know how to beat the competition, due to the fact that they have very little in-house experience managing Google Ad campaigns.

I’ve seen many businesses have success with poorly targeted ads for the sole reason that there is a lack of competition. As soon as competition comes into the picture, their ads suffer because the competition have targeted specific locations. I knew I had to set up a new search campaign and target specific locations, but first I had to ask Certified Gas Heating detailed questions about their operations and also find out what the competition were doing.

Through getting to know Certified Gas Heating’s business, I learned that they wanted to target a higher position for emergency gas and plumbing queries in particular. I set up a new search campaign with this in mind and targeted the specific locations to help with this.

The results were as I expected with these types of requirements. Click through rate improved by 16% because I made the ads more targeted. If the ads are targeted in the right place to the right people, it’s understandable that more people will click. It still requires my certain set of skills and knowledge however to do this. Another expected factor from this was that traffic increased by 31%. The overall cost dropped by 25%, which Certified Gas Heating were very pleased with.

The Challenge

Certified Gas Heating had been successfully advertising on Google for several years, but increased competition was lowering this success.

The Solution

They have very little in-house experience managing Google Ads campaigns, meaning I had to set up a new search campaign with ads that targeted specific locations. After talking to Certified Gas Heating, I learnt they especially wanted a higher position for emergency queries. I took this into account when choosing target locations.

The Result

I was able to improve click through rate by 16% by implementing ads that were better targeted, which also increased traffic by 31% and lowered cost by 25%.

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