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I changed the types of campaigns, conducted detailed and thorough keyword research, and also set a new bid, to increase Stars Gym’s click through rate to over 7%, and optimisation score increased to 80%.

Stars Gym is one of Battersea’s highest rated gyms, and yet they were still not seeing success from their Google Ads campaigns. They pride themselves on their state-of-the-art equipment that is arranged in a stylish and artistic manner to suit the fashionable Battersea area of London.

The gym runs a number of classes and promotes social interaction among its members. The gym has even attracted big media attention over the years for its innovative approach, from outlets such as Sky and BBC. I saw a lot of potential for the gym, and I was keen to help.

The Challenge

As with other companies with no experience in using Google Ads and running these types of campaigns, Stars Gym had unfortunately chosen to run the wrong campaign. They were using a Smart campaign, where Search campaigns are usually better for the extra control they have in the process as a whole.

I usually try to teach the companies and organisations with no experience of Google Ads what I’m doing to improve their situation, in the hope that they can move forward on their own after having worked with me for some time. Previous companies I’ve worked with have been very impressed with this.

The Solution

Obviously, the first thing I did was to change the Smart campaign to a Search campaign for the better levels of control afforded to the user. After that I did a great deal of keyword research to be able to target the right terms for people who might be searching for Stars Gym but were not finding it.

The last thing I did was to set a bid to appear higher than competitors. I was careful to teach as much as this as possible to Stars Gym, and they were eager to learn. They were proud of the gym they had created and wanted to secure its future by utilising the potential of Google Ads.

Some companies say they want to learn, but when I try to teach them, they don’t always appear interested or can’t find the time. This was not the case with Stars Gym.

The Result

I was confident that I would see good results with Stars Gym’s case, and I was proved right in quick time. The click through rate rose to over 7% and the optimisation score increased to 80%. Stars Gym were both surprised and pleased with the result.

They said they feel more confident in using Google Ads after my instruction but would still use me from time to time as a consultant. This is one of the best scenarios, because I still get the opportunity to impart my vast stores of knowledge. I was happy to help Stars Gym get the recognition they deserve.

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