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Cost per acquisition dropped below £5 and a very impressive cost per click of 11p per click

Sofabed Barn target an online niche in making sofa beds their speciality. They also target some other niches, such as chair beds, seating for narrowboats, and fabrics. Their main selling point is that they are the manufacturer of the products, meaning they can offer factory-direct prices.


They have a lot of experience in making sofa beds and introducing new models, and they take pride in ensuring product quality, low pricing, and timely delivery. The team at Sofabed Barn is small, and they lack experience in online marketing and advertising.


Because of their lack of experience and knowledge, Sofabed Barn’s previous search campaigns were not performing well. After getting to know Sofabed Barn and finding out about what they wanted to achieve, and after reviewing their previous campaigns, I decided a shopping campaign would be the best option overall.

I chose a shopping campaign because I believed it would help promote Sofabed Barn’s products by providing detailed information about their sofa beds without having to click the actual ad. This also shows a photo of the product, which is of the utmost importance when selling items like sofa beds, along with price and store name.

I conducted extensive research to learn more about what Sofabed Barn’s customers were searching for. I checked with Sofabed Barn to see if my research was applicable. We discussed what I had found, and then I set up a Merchant Centre account for Sofabed Barn. I uploaded the feed and finally created the shopping campaign for them in Google Ads. I was confident that I had made the right decision to set up a shopping campaign, but I still couldn’t be sure of the results.

The results were very impressive. My tactics achieved good cost per acquisition of below £5 and great cost per click at just 11p per click. Sofabed Barn were extremely pleased with these results, as they were much better than the results from the campaigns they had implemented themselves. This is what is possible with my knowledge and detailed research and planning.

The Challenge

Lack of knowledge and experience with Google Ads led SofaBed Barn to approach me for help with their search campaigns. They are a niche company, offering only sofa beds, chair beds, and seating for narrowboats, which meant detailed research was needed to be able to target the right keywords. Their previous search campaigns were not performing very well.

The Solution

I did the required research, and I decided a shopping campaign would be most suitable to Sofabed Barn’s needs. This type of campaign allowed detailed information and pictures of the sofa beds on the ads.

The Result

The strategy paid off, with cost per acquisition dropping to below £5 and achieving cost per click at only 11p per click. This was a large improvement on Sofabed Barn’s previous campaigns that performed poorly.

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