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I overcame a challenging keyword situation by setting up a new shopping campaign and a Search campaign, which resulted in cost per click dropping to 17p and account optimisation score levelling at 82%.

Wombat sell leather products that are inspired by the Australian outdoors. The products are designed in the UK for lovers of adventure and nature. They started with leather hats, which gained a strong reputation for flawless craftsmanship. This pushed Wombat into creating a selection of leather bags, belts, and wallets.

The products are designed to be stylish and robust at the same time to withstand elements of nature. The customer base mainly consists of country types who want durable leather outdoor wear that is also stylish.

Wombat are extremely proud of the brand that they created from scratch, which is a mix of all the things they love – adventure, outdoors, exploring, and charismatic style. Their prices are premium but still not at a luxury fashion brand level of price.

The Challenge

I haven’t done a lot of work with clothing companies before, but I know from the experience that I do have that it is difficult to get the right keywords because people search in all kinds of ways when looking for clothing.

I told Wombat about this and that there may be issues, but I trusted in my ability and Wombat were willing to be patient in any case. I looked at their old campaigns and saw that they were performing poorly. It was hard to determine why this was, but it was very probably down to the issues with the keywords.

The Solution

I had to study this case for a long time, and I began by setting up a new Shopping campaign and a Search campaign too. I thought it was important to hit many areas of Google Ads to find new customers for Wombat in order to help them grow as a business.

I wasn’t sure if the Shopping campaign or the Search campaign would be better. In my line of business, many things are about trial and error. I have to draw from my store or experience when making these decisions. It is difficult in many cases, but I always achieve positive results in one way or another.

The Result

This case study will be a slow burner, in that the results will need be monitored for a few more months yet before we can see the true outcome of my work. Despite this, sales have already increased as a product of my work.

Cost per click has dropped to just 17p per click, and account optimisation score is at 82%. Wombat were very surprised and pleased with the results, and I was as well. I was able to teach Wombat some things about Google Ads, and they said they feel like they have a stronger understanding of the whole concept.

I was glad to be able to help Wombat on their journey to becoming a more well-known brand in the leather goods market.

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