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With my campaign for Nova Clinic, the cost per conversion dropped to £4, and the conversion rate at 13%, bringing their ads to 22,000 clicks

Based on the expertise of medical and aesthetic professionals, Nova Clinic specialises in facial treatments, surgery, and laser. It’s a real centre of excellence, where specialists are committed to helping the customer look better and feel better.

What Nova Clinic is really seeking is the satisfaction of every customer. They believe that when people are happy about their faces and the way they look, they gain more general health and feel better all round.

The experts at Nova Clinic have a passion for skin health and cosmetic treatments, and they have a proven track record of general satisfaction of every patient. Their pride is the great customer service they pioneer, being highly personalised and willing to help in any case, always offering customised solutions.

The Challenge

I was contacted by Nova Clinic because they had a very interesting problem. They couldn’t figure out why their ads were being disapproved, no matter what they tried to do in order to keep them visible.

This is something that I encounter quite often and am happy to bring my expertise to the table and educate the client and provide that lightbulb moment for them. Even better is being able to implement strategies and solutions which have a tangible effect on the client’s business and helps to put them back in the driving seat when it comes to their conversion rates and costs.

I understood right away what the nature of the problem was with Nova Clinic’s advertisements. For them it was of the utmost importance to have a good online presence, because it was the easiest way for people to find out about them. 

I noticed, when they asked me to take a look at their previous campaigns, that many of them weren’t performing well for a variety of reasons. Some weren’t even performing at all. The way I saw it, there was only one possible explanation – the ads were getting disapproved because of the nature of the services. Many people were not seeing the advertisements on Google because plastic surgery is a tough topic to show to some audiences.

The Solution

What Nova Clinic really needed was a new campaign, with targeted keywords to each of their services. This way, only the people actually interested in plastic surgery would receive the ad, while all the other groups would only see advertisements for skin treatments or laser. I waited for some months, just to see how my campaign was going. Then, I decided to create a campaign for one of their specialist services, with a separate budget.

The Result

The results were impressive. The cost per conversion had dropped to an impressive £4, much lower than the £76 they were paying. Not only that, but the conversion rate shot up to a very good 13%, and in total the clicks so far are over 22,000 for the campaign. Nova Clinic was very happy with the results.

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