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I found targeted keywords and wrote effective ads for London Staff Agency, resulting in a drop of the cost of conversion to only £19 per lead and a raise in their conversion rate.

HazeltonClive London Staff Agency, now just referred to as London Staff Agency, is a recruitment agency in London that offers a very safe, discreet, and bespoke permanent placement service. Companies come to London Staff Agency to find them new talent that is of the highest quality in terms of experience and qualifications.

Before hiring any staff member for their customers, London Staff Agency complete very extensive background checks, including references, fine defaults, driving licence history, and more. London Staff Agency only wants their customers to pay in the case of a successful placement, which has been a very successful strategy for them in the past.

The Challenge

When they contacted me, London Staff Agency already had a fairly good Google Ads campaign, but it wasn’t performing very well. It could have done much better – the results weren’t showing as much as they should have, according to the quality of the ad. That’s why they decided to call me. Luckily for them, I knew how to take over from there. It was a situation that I had seen many times, and I told them they had nothing serious to worry about.

I realised that all they really needed for their campaign to bring in more results was to find the right targeted words. It’s a task that can sometimes be difficult, and that’s why it’s very important to always analyse the situation in depth, before starting to make any rash decisions. What London Staff Agency really need from me was to write some effective ads. Surprisingly enough, the solution started working even sooner than expected.

The Solution

This time, the solution took place in three separate moments. First, I set up a new campaign to test performance against the previous ads. Then it was time to do some thorough keyword research in order to find targeted keywords.

Finally, I used my ad copywriting skills to write effective ads. I taught as much as I could to London Staff Agency throughout the process, so that they could work more independently in the future. Some Google Ads specialists don’t like to teach their clients anything, as it means they keep returning for more work, but this is simply not in my nature.

The Result

For a company that didn’t really know what they were looking for in the beginning, the results were astonishing. The cost per conversion dropped to just £19 per lead, even less than what we had imagined. The conversion rate was 6% for the new Search campaign, much higher than what they were getting before. Everything went according to my plan, if not better than planned. London Staff Agency were pleased and surprised with the result, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

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