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With better targeted keywords, I set up a new campaign with group ads for PS Accountants, and their click-through rate increased by 200%, while the conversion rate for one group went up to 17%

PS Accountants is a company specialised in helping businesses grow. Thanks to their different plans, PS Accountants are able to offer the best advice to any kind of company. They have a plan for small businesses, for example, designed to reassure the client, by covering the basics of accounting and taxation.

Having this kind of service on offer at affordable rates helps business owners feel confident that they are keeping that aspect of their business in check, and allows them to operate without the burden of wondering if their taxes are being filed correctly.

But PS Accountants also has a plan for bigger enterprises, focused on handling more difficult accounting practices that can arise when the company has a large workforce, or is spread over a large geographical or international area.

They first study the economic situation of the company, then they decide how best to proceed. Not many accounting companies are able to analyse situations case by case like PS Accountants, and they reached out to me due to their specific needs and the requirement to market themselves to companies both large and small.

The Challenge

PS Accountants is a company ready to help all types of businesses, from the smaller ones to the big players. Obviously, it’s very important for them to record and keep track of all the data by the different companies and how they’re helping them. They know it – it’s part of their job. But they made a big mistake.

They called me because their geographically targeted campaigns weren’t performing well, and some of them weren’t performing at all. I couldn’t help but notice one thing – they weren’t keeping track of the conversions. This often happens in a company without a dedicated marketing department, and without someone on the ball working on their behalf things can quickly spiral out of control, conversion rates and click-through rates can drop and.

Without conversion data, they couldn’t possibly know which ads were performing well and worth investing in. This is clearly a very important part of any advertising campaign, just like it is in order to help the businesses in accounting.

The Solution

First of all, I told them we had to start again from scratch and keep track of the data this time. Once we had the results of the campaign, we could move on to the next step and set up a new search campaign with better targeted keywords. We had to analyse the campaign and its performance in order to decide which keywords were the best. At this point, I added seven new ad groups.

The Result

As a result of implementing my strategies, the first month they were already able to get nine quality leads, which is very impressive. Moreover, their click-through rate increased by 200%. PS Accountants had never seen this type of result before – the conversion rate for one of their main ad groups was 17%.

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