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I navigated a very competitive sector to achieve a drop in the average cost per click to about £3 per click, and I increased click through rate by 150% to 8% on average.

MK London Link offer an express courier service that is dedicated to same day, overnight, national, and international deliveries. Based in Milton Keynes, MK London Link has over 25 years of experience completing priority deliveries and urgent consignments.

They serve both businesses and private customers and can provide different services that a tailored to individual budgets. Many of these businesses are high profile blue-chip companies that return to MK London Link for their high-level, reliable services. They’ve relied on their loyal customers for many years but were keen to expand into online advertising to see if they could acquire new customers now.

The Challenge

I knew from past experience that MK London Link would be in a very competitive sector with many competitors in their locations, causing their cost per click to be high. This makes things a bit more difficult, but I’ve always found ways to get around this and achieve decent results for my customers’ campaigns. I was confident I could help MK London Link beat the competition and find success with their ads.

I also noticed that MK London Link had quite poor management skills of their campaigns, because of their lack of knowledge with Google Ads. Part of my job is to teach my clients about Google Ads to enable them to work more independently in the future. I put it down in my notes to help them with this.

The first thing I saw when analysing MK London Link’s campaigns is that they were using a Smart Campaign, which gives them less control over the features in a lot of cases. I knew straight away that this wasn’t the best choice for them.

The Solution

I recommended setting up a Search campaign instead of the Smart campaign, and I taught MK London Link the difference between the two campaigns – many companies make the mistake of choosing the wrong campaign in the beginning. They were impressed with my knowledge, and they said that they enjoyed the learning process as a whole.

We did some keyword research together to be able to find targeted long-tail keywords which would ultimately help them gain a foothold in their competitive sector. After this, I created the new responsive search ad format. I was confident that, with these steps, we would see improved results fairly quickly.

The Result

As a product of my hard work, the average cost per click dropped to about £3 per click. I also achieved a click through rate increase of 150% to 8% on average. We managed to navigate the competitive sector together. I expected to see improved results, but this was very good and a little more than I expected. MK London Link were very pleased with the result and with the knowledge I provided to them.

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