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Set up new search campaigns that would enable them to boost their click through and conversion rates.

London Turf & Soil is a company that supplies landscaping materials to the general public in the London area, providing access to professional-quality products at a price that they can afford. Supplying compost, turf, bark, sleepers, and topsoil from its Twickenham base, London Turf & Soil had already established its own search campaigns in order to raise awareness of their brand and attract more clients to their plant nursery business.

Having realised that those campaigns were failing to achieve the desired effect, they approached me for some assistance, and I was happy to offer my expertise.

The Challenge

London Turf & Soil had already established their own search campaigns to enable prospective clients for their plant nursery across London to find their business and become paying customers. Despite their good intentions in this respect, those campaigns were not well-designed or properly targeted, and so they did not manage to achieve their true potential.

Eventually, the client realised that the campaigns that they had launched were unsuccessful and were failing to boost their brand awareness and raise conversion rates in the way that they had hoped. The client therefore contacted me to ask me to set up two new search campaigns that would be used to replace their existing ones and that would help them to achieve their desired increase in both their click through and conversion rates. I was happy to help them in this matter.

The Solution

Having analysed the reasons for the failure of their old search campaigns, I got to work on setting up two fresh search campaigns for their plant nursery that would help them target their audience more effectively. I spent time designing a well-planned campaign that would efficiently target the most appropriate market and that would both raise brand awareness for London Turf & Soil and also drive-up traffic to their website where conversions could take place.

The Result

Having established the two new requested search campaigns for this client, I was confident that the changes that had been implemented would soon reap positive returns. I wasn’t disappointed in this regard. Within a short space of time, the click through rate from the ads to the client’s website increased by an impressive 200%, thus driving up traffic exponentially into the client’s sales funnel.

Despite the fact that London Turf & Soil switched off their ads for some time, they were still able to achieve an excellent conversion rate of over 5%, allowing them to increase their revenue exponentially. Needless to say, the client was very pleased with the outcome of my work, and I was delighted to be able to put my skills and knowledge to such good use to enable them to give their brand a boost and increase their sales.

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