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Am2pm Plumbers had no experience with Google Ads or any form of online marketing; I taught them how to get started, and I set up their first search campaign that resulted in good click through rate of 5% and cost per click of £1.39.

Am2pm Plumbers specialise in being able to offer plumbing services during non-business hours in London. They also specialise in problems like full drainage and toilet replacements. They are passionate about providing great customer service and gaining the loyalty of their customers in London and the surrounding areas.

The Challenge

With over twenty years of plumbing experience, Am2pm Plumbers had gained a secure customer base through word of mouth and loyal patrons, but they were keen to exploit the online market and acquire more business opportunities. As with many trade businesses, they had been focused more about delivering a high quality of service to their customers than getting things set up in the online world so that people could find them in the first place.

The main problem was that they had almost no online presence as a business, nor any knowledge about how to build this presence. This is quite common, and I take great pleasure in educating my clients on the ins and outs of Google Ads and how they can benefit from it by reaching a larger customer base via the internet.

The Solution

My task was not only to set them up with Google Ads, but also to teach them how to use the platform and other basics about digital marketing. I had to explain to them the huge potential of online marketing and how it could help their business.

I taught Am2pm Plumbers about the Google Ads platform as I made them a new account. They received a free advertising voucher from Google for the new account. I enjoyed teaching them and sharing the knowledge that I’ve built up over the years. Digital marketing is my passion, and I enjoy being able to share that with other people, especially when it has tangible effects to their business such as more customers and increased profits.

Once the new account was set up, I set up a new search campaign to target people searching for a plumber in their London location for a variety of different home or business issues. I taught Am2pm Plumbers this process as well so they understood on a deeper level what was happening with their campaign, and not just throwing money at something hoping to get good results.

I always think it’s important for business owners to have full knowledge about how their business is performing online, and it was very rewarding to see their enjoyment in learning something new.

The Result

The new search campaign resulted in a decent click through rate of 5%. They had a small budget, and the large area of London is a very competitive market, but I was still able to achieve £1.39 cost per click for them. Am2pm Plumbers were not only happy with the result of the campaign, but they also enjoyed learning about the process.

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