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Click Mortgages are now advertising successfully, achieving many leads and benefiting from a 7% conversion rate.

Click Mortgages is a specialist in the bad credit mortgage market, helping to connect those with a sub-par credit history with lenders who are most likely to be prepared to extend credit to them in order to enable them to achieve their goal of purchasing a property.

While there is a strong demand from this market, Click Mortgages were experiencing some significant marketing issues when it came to managing their Google Ads. I could see great potential in this business and was keen to put my skills and knowledge in the Google Ads arena to good use to help Click Mortgages boost their marketing success and benefit from more leads and conversions.

The Challenge

The problem facing Click Mortgages was a Google Ads account suspension. A payments profile issue was preventing the company from being able to access its Google Ads account and thus use this useful and highly beneficial marketing strategy to its advantage.

The Solution

The good news for Click Mortgages was that I had all the necessary expertise to address their payments profile issue which was resulting in their Google Ads suspension quickly and effectively. I set to work straight away to create a new Google Ads account for them using my own payments profile in order to resolve the problem that they were experiencing with their Google Ads account.

Although this was a relatively simple fix, it was something that required my experience in the industry to accomplish, and I was happy to put my expertise to good use to help my client get back on track with their Google Ads marketing campaign.

The Result

I held firmly to the belief that, once I got involved and set up a new Google Ads account for Click Mortgages using my own payments profile, the company would be able to gain access once more to Google Ads for their marketing campaigns. In fact, more than that, I had complete confidence that, once the issue was resolved, the company would rapidly see success from their advertising strategies and would start to gain more leads within a short space of time. I was proved to be right in this regard.

Following the setup of their new Google Ads account, Click Mortgages began to see success almost straight away from their advertising campaigns. Leads began to come in very rapidly, and many of those leads then went on to convert into paying customers. The final outcome to date in this case is that Click Mortgages are now using Google Ads seamlessly to advertise their services successfully, and their conversion rate from this source is now around 7% – an impressive level of performance that the client is extremely happy with as they are now seeing some impressive returns on their investment.

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