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I managed to successfully beat an extremely competitive sector by creating a new Search campaign, using a new bid strategy, and undertaking extensive keyword research, resulting in click through rate increasing by 15%, top of page rate to 81%, and an overall improved conversion rate.

Based in Hampshire, Mondo Finance are a small insurance and mortgage broker, operating a telephone-based service in the UK. They broker for buy to let mortgages, residential mortgages, bridging finance, secured loans, life assurance, and home insurance.

They are authorised directly through the Financial Conduct Authority, but they are independent, meaning they can offer detailed advice on the whole of the marketplace to make sure their customers are always receiving the best advice for their personal situations. Mondo Finance pride themselves on their wealth of experience that has been built up over many years.

Their main focus lies within credit repair for mortgage market. They want to help the many people who have experienced bad credit and need to either purchase a property or just want to remortgage an existing property to be able to pay debts or get better interest rates. This is Mondo Finance’s speciality, and they use the lenders they have strong connections with to be able to find tailored solutions.

The Challenge

Mondo Finance are right in the middle of a very competitive sector. This is one of the most severe cases of high competitiveness I’ve ever seen in all my years of working with Google Ads to get results for businesses. At least 20 competitors were appearing at the same time in search results – this is extremely competitive.

Mondo Finance approached me for help in navigating such a competitive market. They were concerned that nothing they could do would affect their chances of success with so many competitors. I assured them that there is always something that can be done to improve results.

The Solution

After taking the time to evaluate Mondo Finance’s position, I saw that the average position of the ads was low. The conversions were also low. These two things would be my first port of call in finding a better position in the competitive market for Mondo Finance.

I created a new Search campaign and used a new bid strategy that is designed to achieve higher positions in competitive markets. I also undertook hours and hours of extensive keyword research to find long-tail searches – this level of research is needed in some cases, and I’m not one to shy away from hard work.

The Result

Even though I’m always confident of seeing at least some positive results in competitive markets, it’s hard to know just how positive they will be because of the high level of competition. In this case, however, I was incredibly happy to see strong results.

Through my hard work, I achieved an increase in click through rate by 15%. I was also able to increase the rate that Mondo Finance appear at the top of search results by 81%. On top of this, conversion rates continue to improve.

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