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Immediate 6% Conversion Rate For DTE’s Shopping Campaign

DTE is an IT supply and solution specialist with over two decades of experience in the industry. Serving clients of all types and sizes, the company’s computing and electronics megastore boasts an inventory containing no less than half a million products. Only supplying products from accredited and authorised distributors, DTE helps businesses to achieve their strategic goals and to drive forward their business models.

The Challenge

DTE was running a successful business operation but lacked an effective Google Ads strategy to achieve its marketing goals. Since the DTE team were lacking in experience when it came to setting up Google Ads campaigns and especially Shopping campaigns they were looking for someone that could provide them with a whole new set up from scratch.

DTE, a successful IT supply and solutions company, approached me seeking assistance with setting up an effective Shopping campaign for their brands. Despite the organisation’s success, their team had been unable to put in place an effective Google Ads strategy to achieve its marketing goals. Not only did their team lack experience in setting up Google Ads, but they also had no previous experience in setting up Shopping campaigns either. Therefore, they were seeking a brand-new set up from scratch and were hoping that I could help.

I got to work analysing the specific needs of the company so that I could determine the best possible approach to take to ensure their campaigns could achieve their desired goals. Initially, I chose to focus on setting up a shopping campaign to promote their new brands – something that I managed to achieve within just ten days.

The results from this newly created Shopping campaign were especially promising. Designed to promote the company’s new brands, the goal of this campaign was to achieve a good conversion rate. I was delighted to report that from the start, I was able to achieve a conversion rate of 6% – an impressive figure – from the Shopping campaign alone.

In fact, the Shopping campaign was working so effectively, I decided that I would temporarily put a hold on setting up the other Search campaigns that DTE were interested in establishing. This would allow the company to take full advantage of the conversion rate from the Shopping campaign and maximise its efforts in this direction first before moving onto the Search campaign in the next stage of their marketing plan.

The Solution

I analysed the company’s needs to determine the best possible approach for their campaign strategy before determining that I should focus initially on setting up a Shopping campaign as my first course of action. I then got to work on setting one up to promote DTE’s new brands.

The Result

I was able to set up a highly effective shopping campaign for this client in under ten days and was able to achieve an impressive 6% conversion rate from the start from the promotion of their new brands.

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