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Impressive conversion rate above 14% every month and cost per conversion reduced to £7

Founded in 2010, Make Happy is a creative marketing consultancy. Their goal is to free up the creativity that they believe lies dormant within every organisation. They do this by setting up ways for organisations to think strategically and solve complex problems in creative ways through workshops.

These workshops are the heart of their business. They also do something called ‘Lego Serious Play’ which involves literally playing with Lego to help communication, eliminate hierarchies, and generate ideas. They work with experts in the sector to help their clients solve their biggest problems and take full advantage of all their opportunities.


Make Happy approached me to set up new search campaigns for their creativity workshops. I wasn’t familiar with their niche type of organisation, so I had to hold meetings with them to get to know what they were really about. I like to do this with all my clients if I can, but this seemed particularly necessary for Make Happy as what they offered seemed quite unique to me.

It was very interesting for me to learn what techniques a business like Make Happy uses to achieve their results. I also did my own research about their competitors, and I realised that the search terms and keywords could be an issue for Make Happy. Because of their rare position in the market, I saw that people weren’t necessarily searching for their services directly.

I took all this into account and created new search campaigns that reflected Make Happy’s distinctive workshops – I created up to 17 ad groups, and each ad group had at least three different ads for testing purposes to see which ones worked the best to advertise the workshops.

I also set up conversion tracking to track all enquiries to gain more knowledge about what people were searching for. By employing this strategy, I achieved a conversion rate above 14% for each month and cost per conversion reduced to £7.

Make Happy were very pleased with the results as they were well aware that it was difficult to set up search campaigns for their workshops. They were also pleased with my process as a whole. They learnt more about creating search campaigns, and they will try to implement them on their own next time. It gave them the opportunity to reflect on their business and learn more about themselves.

The Challenge

I had to create new search campaigns for Make Happy’s workshops that people weren’t commonly searching for.

The Solution

I created up to 17 ad groups, with each ad group featuring at least three ads for testing purposes to find out which ads best advertised the workshops. I also set up conversion tracking to track all enquiries.

The Result

I achieved conversion rates above 14% for each month with cost per conversion reduced to £7.

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