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CNS Enjoys Impressive Conversion Rate Of 9% Despite A Highly Competitive Sector

CNS is a provider of outsourced IT solutions, supplying clients with a broad spectrum of services while aligning the use of technology with the client’s business goals. From offering high quality IT support to public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, CNS is on hand to address a host of computing-related issues from cybersecurity provision to backup and disaster recovery. Supplying tailored communications solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, CNS aims to improve business’s efficiency, security and effectiveness in today’s modern digital environment.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by this client was its placement within a highly competitive industry in which the average cost per click is well over £20.

CNS initially approached me looking for assistance in boosting its conversion rates. The specific problem faced by this client was the highly competitive nature of its business sector – with so many companies competing within the IT solutions arena, the cost per click of the average campaign CPC rate was coming in at a shockingly high £20 plus.

It wasn’t too surprising that the client was looking to improve its conversion rates whilst also bringing the cost per click down to a more reasonable and affordable level, and they were seeking my help with this challenging goal.

I was immediately keen to embrace the challenge and tackle the project, and the initial course of action was to put considerable time and effort into research. I was determined to pinpoint the most appropriate and most highly targeted keywords to suit the specific needs of this client in order to maximise the success of their campaign.

Furthermore, I decided to take action when it came to blocking several existing keywords that I was 100% certain would fail to convert for the client.

I was hopeful that my efforts would improve the situation for the client but I was impressed and pleased to discover the extent of the improvements. Thanks to my efforts, the client is now achieving an impressive conversion rate of 9%, despite the extremely competitive nature of their business sector. Furthermore, I have also managed to significantly reduce the client’s average campaign CPC rate to a figure that is well below the industry average of £20. Today, the client averages a spend of around £5 per click – a considerable decrease in marketing expenditure and an excellent increase in ROI.

The Solution

I spent a considerable amount of time researching the most appropriate and most highly targeted keywords for this client while also blocking a number that I was certain would fail to convert.

The Result

I was able to achieve an impressive 9% conversion rate despite the competitive nature of this client’s sector. I was also able to reduce the client’s average campaign CPC rate to a figure well below the industry average. Thanks to my efforts, the client is now averaging a spend of approximately £5 per click.

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