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Impressive Conversion Rate For Baby Academy In Global Search Campaign Setup Management

Baby Academy delivers live online classes aimed at expectant parents throughout the USA through an interactive and highly tailored platform. With leading experts from around the country delivering classes based on the latest evidence-based research, Baby Academy aims to relieve the challenges of parenting for the first time by teaching parents-to-be the basics. From childbirth classes to workshops about baby care and safety, Baby Academy is designed to make parents’ lives easier in the early days with their newborn.

The Challenge

Baby Academy needed to set up successful global search campaigns to target five individual countries with a separate campaign for each. The primary challenges came in the form of difficulties in selecting keywords for each country while the campaign targeting the USA was performing poorly in the initial stages.

Baby Academy approached me with a view to getting help with setting up and managing an effective global search campaign for their brand. Their specific challenge was that five individual countries needed to be targeted, each with is own unique and individual campaign. This raised a particular problem – selecting the most appropriate keywords for each country that would resonate with each target audience most effectively. Initially, their USA campaign was performing poorly, and this too required rectifications.

I got to work carrying out the essential analysis and research necessary to determine the specific needs of each location’s search campaign. I focused on putting time and effort into determining the most effective and relevant keywords for each separate country before setting up each campaign.

Several of the company’s location specific search queries were failing to convert so I took the decision to block those queries in order to improve conversion rates overall. The results were quite impressive. The client was pleased to discover that I was able to achieve for them a 14% click through rate – a figure that is above average if you bear in mind that the keywords that have been selected are non-brand.

Furthermore, the client was also extremely pleased to report that I had managed to boost conversion rates for them by as much as 200%, with the company now able to achieve 150 conversions of signed-up customers to its website each month all at an impressively low cost per conversion.

The Solution

I spent time considering the challenge of which keywords would be most appropriate for each target country before setting up separate global search campaigns designed specifically to resonate with the intended markets. I also blocked a number of location specific search queries which were failing to convert.

The Result

I was able to achieve a 14% click through rate to the Baby Academy website  – above average when bearing in mind that the selected keywords are non-brand. I have also managed to help the company achieve 150 conversions of signed-up customers each month at an impressively low cost per conversion – this represents an improvement in conversions by more than 200%.

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