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Increased click through rate by over 120% and decreased cost per click to below £2

Core Tech Roofs is a family business in East Anglia specialising in conservatory roof replacement, insulation, and general refurbishments. They put emphasis on quick turnarounds, from initial consultation to completed installation, without compromising on quality. Their main selling point is making conservatories suitable for use all year round by tiling and insulating the roofs.

They have their own branded roof system, ‘Eco-Roof Gold,’ as a way of branding and gaining notoriety in the conservatory roofing sector. Because customers looking for trade work are expected to shop around and receive different quotes, Core Tech Roofs are in a very competitive market.


Having already worked with Core Tech Roofs before to start up their Google Ads advertising, they got in touch with me again because the ads had been left running for a long time with little management because of their lack of time and experience.

I took some time to review the ads I did for them before, seeing as they were successful previously. I decided it would be best to set up new targeted search ad campaigns to meet the new advertising challenges and the new features in Google Ads. It’s especially important for Core Tech Roofs to keep their cost per click at a low price because of the nature of the industry – customers shop around for estimates and consultations by clicking on lots of different websites, and conversions can be typically low.

I asked Core Tech Roofs whether anything about their operations had changed since I had last worked with them. After learning a few things about what they had been doing, I set up three new targeted campaigns for roofs, canopies, and ceilings, keeping in mind that it was important to keep cost per click low because of the competitive nature of the sector.

Like before, Core Tech Roofs were very happy with the results. My new targeted campaigns increased click through rate by over 120% and cost per click dropped to below £2 per click. This enabled Core Tech Roofs to increase their budget because ROI improved.

The Challenge

Following previous success, Core Tech Roofs contacted me about working together again to review their Google Ads campaigns after I had previously started them. They were concerned the ads were not working as well because of little management due to their lack of time and experience.

The Solution

I recommended setting up new targeted search ad campaigns to meet common advertising challenges like increased competition and new updated features in the Google Ads platform. With Core Tech Roofs advising me, and from my own research, I set up three new targeted campaigns for Roofs, Canopies and Ceilings.

The Result

My strategy increased click through rate by over 120% and lowered cost per click below £2 per click. Most importantly, after the ROI improved, this allowed Core Tech Roofs to get their budget in line after having initial concerns.

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