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With my search campaign, The Royal Parks was able to increase their conversion rate to over 5% and the average cost per click dropped to below £1.

The Royal Parks has a noble goal – they want to help people know about all the beautiful parks in London. The parks in London cover more than 5,000 acres, providing peaceful green spaces right in the heart of the capital. They are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are eight Royal Parks in London, and The Royal Parks charity is administrating these green areas, taking care of them, and promoting them to the public. The Royal Parks is also responsible for promoting events inside or around any of the eight parks.  

Their mission is to collect as many donations as possible, in order to keep offering this service. In London, you can learn about the environment, improve your wellbeing, or experience a live concert in the Royal Parks – all thanks to this altruistic charity.

The Challenge

The Royal Parks was a very interesting case for me. They were very confused and didn’t seem to know what they were dealing with on their Google Ads account. They were only able to tell me that they couldn’t post anything on their Google Ads account, and they didn’t even know why. More often than not, they couldn’t even log into their account.

The only explanation that popped up in my mind was that they must have been facing a suspension on Google Ads – maybe without even knowing it. I decided to look into the situation.

As soon as I opened their profile, it was obvious – my first guess that they had been suspended was right. Their account was struggling to comply with the Google Ads Grant rules, so this needed to be improved by getting a high click through rate while limiting the maximum bid. With a little work, I knew we would be able to solve it.

The Solution

The more I analysed the situation, the more it seemed obvious to me that there was only one possible solution to the problem – to set up a new search campaign. Without a new search campaign, it would have been impossible for me to address all of my efforts to targeted ads and keywords.

I knew there was no other way to solve the Google Ads suspension issue so I took the time to explain the situation to The Royal Parks, in the hope that they would not run into this issue again. I also gave them some general instruction about using Google Ads, because I could see that they lacked knowledge in many different areas.

The Result

Just like I expected to happen, the solution brought us success. As soon as I started the new search campaign, the conversion rate increased to over 5%. Searches were now more targeted, and the average cost per click reduced to below £1. It was an impressive result, and The Royal Parks were very pleased with the results and also to be able to use their account again.

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