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Increased conversions by 150% and optimisation score increased to 99%

Zhoosh is a mobile app that provides flexible employee benefits for organisations. It is a low-cost and easy-to-use platform. The possible employee benefits include pension schemes, medical insurance, mental health support, gym membership, and more.

Organisations can choose which benefits they want to provide, including any existing schemes they already have. Zhoosh then does all the hard work – they negotiate with benefit providers on an organisation’s behalf to get the best deals and lowest prices.


I’ve had lots of clients like Zhoosh who are right in the middle of a challenging B2B sector. The B2B sector is difficult because finding the right market to target is not easy. It’s also a challenge to choose to right keywords for B2B ads because the search intent is often difficult to understand and research.

The best strategy is to get a clear understanding of the product, service, or organisation you’re advertising to be able to choose the right market and key words. I held discussions with Zhoosh at length to be able to do this.

We decided to start a new campaign that was more targeted to specific areas. I usually receive positive results straight away or after a short time, but admittedly this new campaign did not get off to a great start – we had no conversions at all. When this does happen, I’m quick to make changes to make sure I get positive results in whatever way necessary. I changed the landing page and updated the keywords and search terms. I was sure we would see better results after that.

The changes resulted in an increase in conversions by 150% and optimisation score to 99%. I wasn’t too concerned about the first changes not working. I know from experience that there is always an answer to achieving better results.

The Challenge

The B2B sector is always difficult when trying to find the right target market and keywords because of the unclear search intent; I had to keep this in mind when planning a new campaign for Zhoosh’s employee benefits app. As with lots of clients, Zhoosh also lacked the experience and time to be able to work on the campaigns by themselves.

The Solution

Extensive research and in-depth discussion with the organisation mean you can mitigate the difficulty of the B2B sector; I did exactly that, and we decided to set up a new campaign targeted at specific areas once I understood more about the search intent. The B2B sector proved to be difficult though – we were getting no conversions at all. I made the decision to change the landing page and update some of the keywords and search terms.

The Result

After I made the changes, conversions increased by 150% and optimisation score increased to 99%. Zhoosh were very pleased with these results and the experience of working with me and my processes.

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