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Increased conversions by 26%, interaction rate by 196%, and cost per conversion decreased by 18%

An intelligent and simple time-tracking solution, Timeneye helps small and medium-sized companies track their teams’ work levels. It is also suitable for freelancers. Companies have reported they feel an instant productivity boost when using Timeneye. Easy to use and to get started with, Timeneye has a proven track record of improving work time management. Thanks to time-tracking, you can easily see where you can save time and what time is being wasted, allowing you to arrange jobs and tasks more effectively.


I was contacted by work-management company Timeneye because they needed help reviewing their Google Ad campaigns and they wanted recommendations on how to improve them. On my initial consultation and review of the current situation, I found that Timeneye’s conversion rates were low and cost per acquisition was high. Timeneye need to maintain a large online presence in general because the website is the location of the platform. I knew a strong Google Ad campaign would be perfect for this purpose.

As with many companies that come to me for help improving conversion rates and cost per acquisition, the sector Timeneye is in is competitive – there are many time-management platforms currently on offer. I have experience in helping these types of businesses with their conversion rates and cost per acquisition, so I was eager to take on the challenge and help Timeneye progress as a company.

My first course of action was research – I needed to put in considerable time to find out the most suitable keywords. For example, I looked at which keywords were most highly targeted for time-management platforms. The keywords had to be specific to the sector of the client to be able to target the right type of people. I chose which keywords to block as well as which ones to target. Through this strategy that I have had previous success with, I knew that I could maximise the overall success of Timeneye’s campaign.

The Timeneye example is a particularly successful case of mine. Because of my knowledge, expertise, and effort, I increased conversions by 26%, interaction rate by 196%, and cost per conversion decreased by 18%. Timeneye were very pleased with the result of the campaign and did not quite expect such an improved outcome.

The Challenge

The main challenge Timeneye faced was the competitive sector and lack of knowledge in creating effective campaigns. They wanted to increase their conversion and interaction rate and lower their cost per conversion.

The Solution

I needed to do research into appropriate target keywords to create new and effective campaigns, which I did successfully to increase conversions, interaction rate, and decrease cost per conversion.

The Result

The upshot was that I was able to help improve the metrics and make the ads more effective and profitable. Due to my work, conversions increased by 26%, interaction rate by 196%, and I decreased cost per conversion by 18%.

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